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@bigshoe PEACE...Is this in response to my video/track, "Letter To Gil"?

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@quint-s-ence That means a lot to me. If I was able to make you feel different about HipHop, then I see that as a victory. Misrepresentation has definitely hurt my beloved culture but I'm working on creating a different lane called #SpokenSword which infuses HipHop with SpokenWord and keeps this path pure on igniting thought.

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@iamnicknames I appreciate you for that. My whole focus has been to preserve the culture, from which it was originated. Enlightenment, lyrical skill, wordplay, and empowerment are my weapons of choice. #CulturalRebuild

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This is an ode to the late/great, "Gil Scott-Heron". It's a response to his, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

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If you don't mind me asking, what does it take to be considered for nominations for, "Artist of the week"?

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@nicky-havey-0 Thank you for the words. The bass is pretty prominent on this my opinion.

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Thank you for that. Is there any way to have even a small sample or snippet of a visual next to our tracks, for people to see?

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