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Greetings Space Traveler! I'm Fuzz Heady! I make tripped out psychedelic music that finds its way somewhere between Hiphop, Stoner Rock, and the electronic Bass music genres (Glitchhop, Trap FutureBass, DrumNBass, Dubstep). I really enjoy collaborating with other artists so if you feel inspired by any of my tracks and want to add vocals and/or are a producer/musician and want to make something new feel free to reach out and lets make some noise. I split collabs 50/50 here on Musicoin! Much Love!

Fuzz Heady music for your 3rd eye!

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I’m really excited to see the execution of Proof of Share. I feel it has much potential and can help lower the energy cost used in the P.O.W. Can’t wait to read more info on how this works. Fingers crossed!

As Parappha the rapper would say… alt text

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