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Love to hear the different music people post here, keeping the quality content in musicoin.

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And it’s just the beginning!

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@ijatz-guatemala said in Steemit & Musicoin contest: 30 STEEM + 10k $MUSIC prize!:

ello everyone!!
As discussed with @Dj Lethal Skillz and @niuQuin, here is the link to the first Artzone (Steemit curators) & Musicoin contest, everyone is welcome to join, ambassadors included. ​
The prize pool is 30 STEEM AND 10k MUSIC.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
The rules of the contest are explained in the post, we can extend for another week if needed!

Aw why did I just noticed this today haha The contests ends tomorrow!

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Hi guys, I know there’s no place to talk about price in the forum but I’ll do it here if you guys don’t mind. In my free time I like to analyze charts. The whole crypto market is giving signs of reversal because of bitcoin’s movements lately. Manipulation is at it’s best right now (when isn’t tho…)
0_1538326599442_Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.56.10.png
Those are weekly candles and since August 20th they been playing the Doji game. Indecisive moves up or down, down or up? August 27th week was like “we’re going up!”, then indecision…then Sept 10th week was like “nop, we’re going down” and now these past 2 weeks we’ve been like “we don’t know what’s happening” haha.

So price is really at the point where it’s been suppressed and played enough, the range has become tighter and tighter and we’ll see in the upcoming weeks a somewhat drastic move relative to the nearest past price action.

Talking about $Music now.
0_1538326477791_Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.54.18.png

I like how the price has been somewhat flat in this 65 - 55 sat range. Those yellow dots by the price is the parabolic sar indicator. It gives us an idea of a trend in place. With today’s price action we’re seeing a change in trend so I think we’ll want to test the ichimoku cloud, which is the purple “cloud” acting as a ceiling. When price trades in the cloud, is like trading in trouble territory. But I believe price action is heading towards the cloud to defy it.

In the weekly chart we see a more clear picture.

0_1538327805670_Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.16.32.png

This year’s bull correction has really suppressed $music’s price affecting miners having to sell at whatever price to cover costs to the point where as you see in the indicator below the chart, these last weeks have been forming a bottom in the indicator with yellow dots. That represents how fast and heavy price fell and how it “feels”. Think of it as a heavy ball falling on an elastic bed and those yellow dots are like the coils of the bed indicating there has to be a bounce. Price is very far from the parabolic sar dots to indicate there’s a longer term trend reversal, so $music price might not move as volatile as other coins, but who knows. One thing for sure is that $music has been through very good and very hard times price wise so the test of time is a very good one if you survive it. Fundamentally, blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a whole are developing greatly, regardless of price. This will benefit the real projects with real uses, such as musicoin.

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@naked-gun said in Leaving Facebook:

I want to deactivate my facebook account, without losing my access to musicoin. When I try to login with my email, I get an error message saying the email is not found. How do I change my setup so I can unlink facebook, deactivate my facebook and use my email to login to my musicoin profile?

Great decision you took by leaving facebook! 🙂

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0_1536699177195_Screenshot from 2018-09-11 14-52-11.png

I don’t know if anyone else sees the poll like this…

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman said in Where will UBI coins come from after IceAge/Mining Stops?:

Steem is just a bot driven platform. its not working proper, in my opinion.

You are completely right. But we can learn from its mistakes and improved based on that.

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@Ijatz-Guatemala I like the proposals from that post. I’ve been thinking for a while that once iceage kicks in, musicoin should develop a rewards system like steem. Depending on the Steem power you have, that’s the influence you have in the platform and also the percentage your voting power represents in the reward pool. This obviously has too many flaws to adopt it just like that, there’s some modifications to be made.

Mainly, its flawed in the sense that it feeds whales. Once you have an incredible amount of steem power, (or what we would call music power xD ) people tend to misuse their privilege by upvoting (what would be for us ppp) their own posts (songs for us) or only friends posts. This also means that not only they are giving themselves exposure, but also taking a big slice of the cake of rewards.

Now, there’s also flaws in the current system here in musicoin in my opinion. You can play your own songs or tip only certain friends to increase exposure for the daily weekly and monthly most tipped or most played. Verifying profiles of course removes the possibility of using bots to increase ppp or tips, but still there’s ways people can still do that also because the platform is relatively small so your actions have a bigger impact than if there would be a bigger user base already using the platform.

But steem power is such a nice idea that could be implemented in musicoin. Depending of the influence of the band or musician, or any other interest party (I expect musicoin to be an ecosystem for everyone involved in the music industry. For example, the smart contracts can be settled for the musician, producer, content creators and everyone involved in the process of making and distributing music.) Shit I extended too long in the parenthesis haha but so depending of the influence of the artist, that could be what guarantees you a certain reward from a pool. Lets say the amount of music power you have is related to your $MUSIC, because it translates into the hard working progress you’ve made in the platform, every $MUSIC you have is because of ppp or someone tipping. An algorithm should also distinguish between music power ($MUSIC) that was bought from exchanges, and music power that was obtained through PPP and tipping.

The reward from the reward pool, destined to the musicians would be based in their music power, and also activity on the platform. How much they engage in their profile, if they are posting new releases and so on, in a way to still support them in creating music. Also this influence can help small artists gain exposure. How if the more influence or power you have the more exposure. Well, you can apply it inversely. Those who have less than certain influence (less than certain number of plays or tips) would gain exposure in the recommended artists of the day, week or month, to also encourage curators (@Ijatz-Guatemala just as in your idea of curating songs) to curate new and emerging artists to expose them and so they can start growing their influence easier.

This reward pool would depend on how will coins be distributed under the UBI after the ice age. so my question is… is musicoin, having like a savings address to accumulate $MUSIC to distribute in the future? or will musicoin migrate to a PoS (technically speaking if the blockchain will emit new coins in a proof of stake algo) or will it be a proof of stake like nxt or waves where you mint the coins instead of generating new ones, or anything else but the first idea of $MUSIC being accumulated in an account, could make sense if the price increases in a way that tipping 1 $MUSIC would be way more than one cent. 🙂 in that moment in time as @Ijatz-Guatemala said, we could be using fractions of $music for ppp and tipping.

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@ijatz-guatemala Oh I’m glad there’s going to be an AMA I also want to know about when it comes to LUFS and if there’s going to be a standardized level for that as well.

No no me he unido al grupo, no sabia mucho que hubiera uno para Guatemala 💯 jajaja eso si seria rapido entonces xD

Lo buscaré en facebook y me uniré gracias 👌

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yeah that’s true. The beta of course is not the final design so we’ll hope we see that implemented in the final release of the app 🙂

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Well I was just noticing that it would be really cool that the “wall” for the songs had 3 separate tabs, kinda like in twitter. One for Comments, one for tips and one for follows. That would kinda clean the front side of it a little.

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I’m always wanting to listen to new music and I like the diversity of genres I see here. I would be checking your guys profiles!

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That’s a great idea! I would like to see that strategy being implemented. What I’ve been thinking is that the musician should have a utility for the coins. Kinda like steemit, the more musicoins you have, the more influential you are in the platform, it could help increase exposure to musicians, or viceversa, pop out artists that don’t have more that “x” amount of coins, so new and undiscovered artists have more exposure than “more established” artist. The platform can implement so many good ideas and I see so much future for it.

Support me listening to my music if you want 🙂 I’ll do the same.

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@ciarrocchi said in Musicoin potential market valuation / Spotify $20 Billion:

776 million is the current circulation according to the coin info sites below. Where are you seeing over 1 billion circulation?

You have to manually request an update in circulating supply to coin market cap. So there is now more than 1 billion coins emitted by now. I don’t think is that easy to figure it out considering that the official explorer listed in coinmarketcap is down ( but you can still calculate it.

The official ANN ( says there’s 314 coins mined every block. So based on that you can check in what block the chain currently is. As of now:

Blockchain Height: 3,286,849
So multiplying that by 314 coins created each block:
There’s a total of 1,032,070,586 currently in existence.

Is this number that is constantly increasing that we have to use to calculate the marketcap. I hope that:

  1. coin circulation gets update in coinmarketcap
  2. the official block explorer gets updated.

This so it’s less of a hassle to interact with the technicals 🙂

So yeah, for now at at $0.003867 USD $MUSIC marketcap is

$ 3,991,016.

Still, incredibly cheap and with so much room to grow if, as you said, musicoin gets to capture at least 1% of Spotify market share.

The future is bright for all musicians aboard the $MUSIC train 😛

I would appreciate if you guys can listen to my music to support me 🙂 I’ll do the same.

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Yeah there’s no limit to your creativity! 😛 but maybe don’t abuse uploading draft after draft of a song or song idea. As long as they are official releases that would bring quality to the whole platform 🙂

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@com-adore It definitely counts! You submit the rude side of DnB and I’ll submit the liquid 🙂

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@ico-tec Hey that rap is insane! It goes pretty well with the beat.

@greg-mccann That song it is indeed heavy on drums and bass…but is not a drum and bass song lol regardless it’s a good song tho but not for the contest.

@toyo said I would listen to your songs playing a nice racing game or maybe something like megaman! haha the synths bring that nostalgia of 8-bit games.

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@com-adore Damn that bass sounds like a heavy riff. A pretty metal, death metal vibe! 🙂 I like it.

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