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Popular and or trending songs should be displayed on the profile. This way these popular songs could get a further boost and get the plays they deserve preventing them from being pushed down the page.

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I agree this would benefit everyone

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I was wondering how your experiences have been uploading your first songs. What are things that have helped you succeed with your uploads?

And while we are at it.. lets help each other succeed
Afrojack - Esther (D.O.N.S. Tristan Casara Remix) by D.O.N.S.

Noone Costelo - Milligram (D.O.N.S. & Dany Cohiba Remix) by D.O.N.S.
Give it a listen and drop your songs below. When you do let me know and I will check out your stuff as well! Lets reshape the music industry together and discover new music at the same time!


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