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Classically trained singer, composer and serial entrepreneur, Don DiMartino forms The Dark Blue Orchestra with a rather ambitious goal in mind: to use music for criminal rehabilitation purposes.
Composed of musicians sharing the same humanistic goals, The Dark Blue Orchestra has been skimming the dark web and underworld cabarets with great acclaim since 2011. This is their extraordinary story they tell on stage during an hour of uncompromising show, laced with classical intermezzi and video art.

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Thanks metkraming. Is it because it is being improved? Will it be made available and if so do you know when?

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Hi, does anyone know where I could find the API for the Musicoin player?

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I will start with 1000. Do you have this available?

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@drought-hustla I'll take it if you are still selling.

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Hi James, thanks for your offer. We will start with 1000 coins if you have this available. Do you accept dollars or euros?

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Is there any way to buy $MUSIC coins without using Cryptotia or Bittrex?
It is currently impossible to create an account on either of these platforms and therefore impossible to buy coins.

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Hi all,
We are interested in buying $Music and contributing to the MUSICoin ecosystem with our music and promotional strategy over the next few months.
Due to the issues with Cryptotia and impossibility of new registrations with Bittrex, we want to know if anyone is interested in selling us $Music direct.
Lv, Don

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@drought-hustla Hi, are you still selling MC?

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