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Hey fellow Musicoiners 👋

Hope you’ve been enjoying the platform like I have.

I wanted to post an entire album on my website, but having 15 embeds kinda slowed the page down.
So here’s how I solved it in Wordpress:

  • copy/paste only the embed code of ONLY the first track. This will look like this:

<iframe id=“embedded-player-preview-frame” class=“musicoin” src=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x6ad9996e32a7f1f73c833be9fcc8552408f3d223?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true”></iframe>

  • now add this to the code:


  • so now it looks like this:

<iframe id=“embedded-player-preview-frame” class=“musicoin” src=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x6ad9996e32a7f1f73c833be9fcc8552408f3d223?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true” name=“embedded-player-preview-frame”></iframe>

  • Now you can open other links in this iframe.

  • Now make an album track list like this:

<a href=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x6ad9996e32a7f1f73c833be9fcc8552408f3d223?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true” target=“embedded-player-preview-frame”>01 - Traffic (4:27)</a>
<a href=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x85443476f75e5863957e4bbc360bf7066f3b9759?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true” target=“embedded-player-preview-frame”>02 - Fata Morgana (3:28)</a>
<a href=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0xf9ed549cdfe3094aed1cf96377692ce3536905bf?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true” target=“embedded-player-preview-frame”>03 - Fusion (4:16)</a>

  • note that every link has target=“embedded-player-preview-frame” in it, this will open the link in the iframe you just created.

  • Now you can have ONE player on your page, with all your album tracks playable in that same player.

  • Working examples: here and here

Hope this helps any of you, if you have any questions feel free to let me know!

regards, DjSadhu

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