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@anthony-ta That’s not DnB mate I’m afraid…

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I highly doubt it’s possible, as each track is encrypted when it’s uploaded in to the blockchain.

So to change it would be like trying to change a vault door when it’s closed and bolted shut…

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English Translation:

Musicoin 2.0 version roadmap.


Musicoin, the world’s first music platform based on and created on Blochchain technology enabling free music streaming, offers a new look at the future of this platform and its technology in relation to music. Musicoin’s road map outlines key strategies it intends to implement to help revamp the landscape of the music industry.

Musicoin’s goal is to become a leading platform for all independent musicians and production companies that want to make their work public, while retaining both the full ownership of creative licenses and 100% of streaming rights. Musicoin’s road map 2.0 reveals a picture of his development plan as Musicoin is trying to grow not only as a widely recognized platform but as a global leader in the new music economy.


Musicoin Road-map v2.0 - The roadmap, visualized in a metro map shape, uses different colors to identify development areas: Blockchain, Open Platform, Mobile App, and Community Musician. Market caps are also included, but basically projections based on achievements after the objectives are met.

Blockchain: After the UBI fork (UBI: Universal Basic Income // Fork: Alternate Change) and the MCIP-6 fork, the MUSICCom blockchain becomes more powerful and viable. Once the difficulty adaptation to Ice Age difficulty adjustment has been performed, Musicoin’s research and development will focus on a Proof of Sharing (PoSh) algorithm as described in the road map of the Musicoin blockchain. In addition, more resources will be devoted to developing the Musicoin wallet to create musical markets - presenting the opportunity to sell goods and tickets - and to create a global payment gateway between different currencies.

Open Platform: Musicoin works with several partners to develop services and applications based on its platform. The plans to open the Musicoin API to developers worldwide will dramatically increase the flow / listening speed of music based on blockchain technology. Over time, this will also include mobile applications, video streaming, and IoT usage.

  • API: An operating system or application can have an application program interface (API) to enable developers of other applications to use their functions. In Greek, it has also been awarded as the “Application Planning Interface”. So, using the Microsoft Word API, someone can automatically open a Word document from his program and send it for printing (as he could do if he opened the Word application itself).

Cyan Line: The Musicoin team is actively working to provide the best experience for platform users to become the top destination for all independent musicians and production companies to promote, license and circulate their music all over the world the world. The user’s choices for download, sync, broadcast, and editing permissions will offer artists new ways of earning revenue and expanding the reach of their work. In addition, further development of programs that support community involvement and non-profit organizations will help to use the power of music to improve the world in general.

The Musicoin Community: Musicoin has attracted more than 4,900 artists on its platform since its inception in February 2017 thanks in part to the combined efforts of musicians living worldwide and actively promoting its benefits blockchain technology in local music communities. The goal is the 20,000 certified artists hosted on the platform by the end of 2018 and the 1 million by 2020.

Although the road map was developed by the Musicoin Project team, the vision is for a joint effort of a growing community of artists, devoted listeners and collaborators. The founder of Musicoin Project Isaac Mao says: "This has its roots in the musical nature of all people - including creators, performers, and followers all over the world.

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Are you being serious?

The site is in Beta, which means it’s not a 100% polished product yet.

Facebook even goes down from time to time, and look at the $BILLIONS they have behind them! I can only assume the guys developing the site are doing it either on a shoestring budget or no budget at all, without the help of a whole buildings worth of devs working on it!

Have faith, and a little patience…

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As I’m new here I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in:

New Noise -

Cheers peeps

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