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Your Ambassador is very likely involved in cheating the tipping system to place his Client KRGS184 in the Charts

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Would you mind telling me why you guys both spread all the subliminal Freemasonry Symbolism and all those "light that guides trough the Dark" references?

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im definetly not a blockchain expert but that sounds odd to me.

there is also a discrepancy when sending coin to cryptopia. the coins don´t go in cryptopias hotwallet anymore, they end up in a transfer wallet but the amount still shows up in the balance on cryptopia.

this is pure guessing but is this a possibly a replay attack?

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very easy to find out that these guys have a coin Karussell going, u can use the Wallet Address on Musicoin( ) to find out who is who:

sends his coin here

and from there it goes to here:

and from there it goes back to where we started at:

@admin might be interested in this

got to admit, kinda smart

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same here with Firefox. was looking normal when i looked earlier.
template is messed up on Firefox. with MS edge its still in order but zoomed out an the font size is terrible small

i think the mistake is in row 285 or 287 of the forum code
one </div> too much

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You have to be verified to upload more than one Song. If you delete that one Song before you have been verified you will need to write to for verification

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i can see it on the blockchain with that you gave 1 coin ach to the artists i posted....

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this is a private message.
you posted this Address earlier:

right here:

the Wallet contains 100 Million Musicoin Token

So dont make me look like an Idiot. I should add that out of unknown reasons you started to follow me, i went through your Topics and found the Address you posted

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