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Oi, tell me about it. It can be a LOT of work pirate marketing this project. I have very little access to SECRET information and have to work with what you all already know! I try to create ORIGINAL CONTENT in my own special way, mostly shilling the $MUSIC tag on twitter and making charts and memes and such. Spreading articles, etc.

What we really need is some information. There are a LOT of talented people in this community, and it would be a waste to not utilize these talents to push this project forward.

I also agree 100% that a FUND needs to be allocated to PR and MARKETING. We NEED more online content. We NEED some more events on Coin Market Calender otherwise the general public has NO IDEA WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

There is a difference between marketing to the musicians to use the platform marketing to the cryptocurrency community that gives the MUSIC COIN ITSELF VALUE… If the interest dies in the crypto world, the price of the coin will effect the musicians in a negative way.

There needs to be a strategy devised to market this blockchain technology to keep up with the increasing musician interest and adoption.

I believe the “proof of sharing” algorithm and Whitepaper 3.0 will be good for this crypto marketing, but we need at LEAST a timeline, otherwise it will always just be rumors.


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@pavel-hovar said in Did not come to musicoin:

@darksidejosh said in Did not come to musicoin:

@pavel-hovar you have to let the wallet sync completely, then your transfer will go through.

Thank u, Now, another problem, I downloaded version 0.8, and I can not create a new wallet or enter an old one, and in the wallet 0.7 the send button was gone

we must summon a technical person to further help you! @trustfarm

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171, Fittin to toss this link around this evening see if we cant bump that number up.

speaking of bump, bump.

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@goose-s it depends entirely on the circumstances. not all “labels” are inherently evil. In fact, id say a MAJORITY of them are small, diy, production/marketing companies.

Sometimes a musician doesnt want to deal with a designing, promoting, circulating the PR around their music, and having a label do that can be a valuable asset to them. The rub comes from the cut. If you’re stuck behind heavy contracts and poor % than yes, fuck the label. If its a fair contract, then it can be beneficial to some artists who want to focus primarily on their music, and less on their branding/marketing

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