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Groups on SC were user-generated and user-moderated and had themes that were very broad or very narrow and everywhere in between. You could add your own tracks to groups to allow others to find them. Some were very active and others... weren't. For multi-genre bands such as ourselves they were fantastic. 😁

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have something like that again here? It was a shame that the 'groups' feature was discontined as it was a great way to discover wonderful new music and network with likeminded creative souls. 🤗

Further thoughts, suggestions and ideas on this topic welcome. 🤔

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Some fabulous ideas here, thanks for adding them, saves a lot of typing as most of the things we were going to say have already been said. 😀

We would like to add a couple of things as well. Our label Wud Records have found SoundCloud more and more difficult to deal with over the past year or so and would like to leave that platform entirely. They are looking for an alternative service to use for their various albums and songs. Bandcamp is very good but the community is not as strong as SC's. Essentially what is needed is to be able to upload tracks, arrange them into albums, and then embed the albums into websites. 😎

Very happy to have discovered this site and liking it very much so far. We plan to upload more tracks in the coming days. 👍

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That sounds like a fabulous idea. We are big fans of Atom Collector Records, their site has increased our activity considerably. Integration with Musicoin would definitely do the same, good news all round. 🙂

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