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If you using cli, you should know that running a wallet on the makes you gmc/geth accessible to the outside world, and you must always listen it on localhost, unless you know what you doing. Basically someone was waiting for you to unlock wallet with your password, and after you unlocked the wallet hacker just created txs in the bulk. This is why sometimes using more user-friendly tools as a desktop wallet its more useful sometimes, even through you a powerful user. As geth/gmc its sometimes bit complex even for advanced users. I also suggest to check you computer for keyloggers as well. But overall situation with the wallet listening to the global, and some bad guys waiting for you to unlock a wallet to make transactions, is quite common in the ethereum community. Gmc is geth fork, so it has his godfather issues as well.

@dmitry said in lost money:

how its possible make mistake? and I recieve massares with "submited transactions" when I type password and press enter

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@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman I didn't see anything shady all as expected. Still a lot nodes, non upgraded.

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I think format of show should be changed, maybe by inviting new artists for every show to host with (better artist who specialize in very different music to etch other), from musicoin platform. I think if invite multiple artist at list one new artist would be available at the air time.

Ideally it would be more fun to see new hosts every show. For me as regular watcher it becomes little bit boring to watch.
How about invite @Daniel-Williams to host in the next air?
Btw just watched episode 7 and your song More Than a Few its awesome, I guess I'm your new fan now.
It somehow sounded familiar with Dr. Feelgood lyrics for me even.

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Click on account avatar, select Show Private Key, ensure no screencasting software is running and type your password.

To remove confusing completely:


Paper wallet however used to form QR code from UTC/JSON file, so you would still need a password to use wallet account.

Also you don't need to know account address, and private key is enough to restore account and set new password, but its the most dangerous method to store wallet, so if you want to save your private key somewhere for recovery purposes, store it in really save place.

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For x64 Windows 7+ use windows-x64.exe
For x32 Windows 7+ use windows-x32.exe
Find your arch:

To find out if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:

    Open System by clicking the Start button The Start button
    , right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
    Under System, you can view the system type.

For Windows XP 64 bit use windows-x64-legacy.exe
For Windows XP 32 bit and probably older use windows-x32-legacy.exe

As for Vista I think non legacy version would work, but in case it not, use legacy version. Same apply to old windows developers builds like Longhorn and etc.

Also aware that x32 builds would work on x64 bit Windows, but x64 builds on x32 Windows would not even launch!

Sha256 sums used to check build sums, to ensure build it legitimate.
For Windows you can use utility to check sha256sums

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There no x32 version for Windows, as gmc binary was only for x32. It might be available in future through, we didn't expected such demand for x32 version. Legacy version run fine on Windows XP 64 bit, if your PC is old.

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What issue exactly are you talking about?

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Click on account avatar, select Show Private Key, ensure no screencasting software is running and type your password.

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Glad community is active and it was resolved. I'm busy with backend now so its harder for me to catch up forum or reddit.

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@pavel-hovar said in Import account:

@cryptofuture said in Import account:

Did you see files in keystore directory?
In case you really lost file you could try recovery software.

I want to open an old wallet, but it is damaged, weighs 0 KB

Try file recovery software. Like GetDataBack. UTC/JSON file should contain json data inside, it shouldn't be empty.

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