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@ciarrocchi He just had so much soul.

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These are lesser known Lennon tracks that I like to listen to… glad they were recorded and “released”… I miss this dude.
Watching The Wheels:
Real Life (Real Love - take 2):

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@ijatz-guatemala It’s a very good presentation by Isaac and Pascal. I’m glad it was recorded - thanks for posting it Ijatz. I can just imagine the record industry executives getting very nervous about this future!

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Also - I want to say I’m proud of the Musicoin team for not giving advance teases about this upcoming news - instead just let this progress and happen naturally, so it sounds more like “been there… done that… no big deal… more to come” kind of attitude.

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Perhaps this was the reason for the spike in volume yesterday? It’s not huge amount, but it is good news to see a publicly traded company investing in MUSICOIN. Perhaps Isaac will mention it in his address at MaMa this week.

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Lots of market volume of $MUSIC today… I hope it’s because of Isaac’s keynote address this week in France, and it is the beginning of a positive, sustained move up in the price.


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@musicoin-italia Sorry I just realized you said Ubuntu. I only work with Windows - sorry, I’m not a Linux guy.

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@musicoin-italia Yeah, but tell me the exact model of your PC before you buy that.

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This is a good example of a GTX 1060 with 6GB RAM which fits in most PCs - it is the single fan edition. Every Ambassador should at least have this, right Metkraming?
You will get 23MH with it.

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GPUs are cheap now. Get an nvidia GTX 1070 or 1060 on Ebay for your PC.
Contact me if you need help setting it up for mining etc.

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Check out the ETN (Electroneum) price chart over the past 30 days. ETN was trading at around $.005, similar to what $MUSIC is trading at now, and it went up to over $.02 during 2 weeks of positive news/marketing, and ETN has circulation over 8 billion. So, I’m looking forward to $MUSIC getting some good news/marketing released regularly, starting soon with Isaac Mao speaking at the Oct 17 MaMa Festival/Convention and the upcoming streaming app release.


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@stevee This is terrific! It’s a clean, very understandable tutorial, with great voice. It would be great if you would do more and more of these, for all the aspects of Musicoin. One thing that I liked about it is that since I’m not an artist, I have never seen the various artist sign-up pages and options, so I appreciate the visibility into that.

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@spidola Indeed - this is truly the most urgent issue that should be addressed (Musicoin T-shirt supply). I prefer a black T-shirt - size XL. Hopefully Isaac Mao will be wearing one at the upcoming MaMa Festival & Convention in France this coming October 17. 😜 🤡 🤘

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@zeljko-stanojkovski Nice job finding and mixing in some “Hidden Gems” (artists/releases from 3-9 months back) in the nominations.

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I’m hoping that Isaac will take this opportunity (keynote speech) do unveil the streaming mobile app! The date, Oct 17 seems to coincide with the planned release dates. Perhaps there will at least be a working app he can present.

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@aldon-baker Good stuff! Thanks for the links.

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My idea is that with the upcoming release of the streaming app and then a new site that works better, we have an opportunity at that moment, because there will be a surge in artists/listeners joining our system. We need to take advantage of this moment. I suggest that be prepared and staffed to begin speeding up the artist verification process so that it is fast - same day or better, preferably 1 hour.

Get some interns at the nearby college and pay them the going rate (use $MUSIC UBI stash if needed) to staff the workstations to speed up the process. Or, pay the ambassadors to do it remotely and pay $MUSIC for every artist verified, whatever it takes, and keep it going that way.

The most glaring negative thing I notice most here is that artists are complaining about the verification wall. Our competitor is stealing some spotlight by being able to say they are the biggest, based on artist population. Lets fight back by making it easier to be verified, and coincide that with the streaming app release.

We need to maximize the window of opportunity that the release of the streaming app will give us, especially if it is before our competitors release theirs.

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