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My idea is that with the upcoming release of the streaming app and then a new site that works better, we have an opportunity at that moment, because there will be a surge in artists/listeners joining our system. We need to take advantage of this moment. I suggest that Musicoin.org be prepared and staffed to begin speeding up the artist verification process so that it is fast - same day or better, preferably 1 hour.

Get some interns at the nearby college and pay them the going rate (use $MUSIC UBI stash if needed) to staff the workstations to speed up the process. Or, pay the ambassadors to do it remotely and pay $MUSIC for every artist verified, whatever it takes, and keep it going that way.

The most glaring negative thing I notice most here is that artists are complaining about the verification wall. Our competitor is stealing some spotlight by being able to say they are the biggest, based on artist population. Lets fight back by making it easier to be verified, and coincide that with the streaming app release.

We need to maximize the window of opportunity that the release of the streaming app will give us, especially if it is before our competitors release theirs.

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The difference between Choon (and others like it) and MUSICOIN, in my opinion:

Musicoin =

Choon/etc =
See full article here on Medium

There’s room in the music world for several options in this endeavor. Choon has decided to allow institutional/private investors to become the masters of their endeavor. It is not known how much control/voice these institutional investors will have in decisions.

Of course, even if MUSICOIN differentiates itself in this way, as being a GUILD rather than a slave to a corporate/instutional master, we still should expect MUSICOIN.org to do a good job competing to be the best place for the indie artist and listeners, and that means making it easy and fun to be both listener and artist, with great features, etc. There’s no sense in being a GUILD if nobody comes to listen or contribute content. I hope the upcoming mobile app/new site release helps that become a reality.

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@mopsohod5 As Metkraming said, install the desktop MUSIC wallet, then send them to Cryptopia:


(If you have Windows, select the Windows-x64.exe version)

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@ijatz-guatemala Thanks much! I will try that!

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Where do I find the music categories/genres listed, with all songs within those categories? I’m wondering if there is a way for me to search through ALL Musicoin artist content. I did stumble upon this URL after searching “genres”…
However, it only shows a group of 8 songs from each category (most tipped/played/recent). Is there another way to search/sort/filter the entire MUSICOIN catalogue? I was hoping to create an example “Hidden Gems” listing of 5-10 songs that were uploaded but forgotten or not highlighted but deserve sunlight.

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@mopsohod5 I should do a video/screenshot guide for that. This however is the reason I suggested to make a “BUY MUSIC” button on the upcoming mobile streaming app so it’s easy.

Are you interested in buying MUSIC or selling MUSIC?

Here’s a rough summary:
Buying MUSIC on Cryptopia:

  1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase or mine some other crypto (ETH/XMR…etc) and convert it to Bitcoin using a service such as Changelly.com.
  2. Send the purchased Bitcoin to your wallet (Copay, Green Address, etc)
  3. Open a Cryptopia account and on there…
  4. … Choose Deposit… Bitcoin(BTC)… it will create a deposit address for your Bitcoin that you will send.
  5. … Send Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet to your Cryptopia Bitcoin deposit address… wait about one hour.
  6. … When the Bitcoin has arrived at your Cryptopia deposit account, you can proceed to exchange it for MUSIC as follows…
  7. … Click Exchange in top menu… then click BTC (because you are using BTC as your exchange currency)…
  8. … In the “Search markets” search tool, enter MUSIC… and select MUSIC in the list…
  9. … the MUSIC / BTC exchange panel will open on the right pane…
  10. … to buy MUSIC at the available market rate, simply click the top listed “Price (BTC)” value in the “Sell Orders” pane. This will enable you to immediately buy MUSIC at the lowest available SELL offer, which is the accumulation of everyone offering to sell at that price.

You will have to change the amount to buy depending on how much BTC you have of course. In addition, if you want to buy more than what the seller was offering, you might have to pay the next higher rate.

The other option is to place a BUY order, specifying that amount and price you want to sell for, but that will not be immediate. You, in effect are becoming part of the SELL order of BITCOIN for MUSIC miners/owners who want to sell their MUSIC for BTC.

Selling MUSIC is pretty much the reverse, except of course you would be searching through the BUY orders - people wishing to BUY your MUSIC, or you would place a SELL order

As I said, this is worthy of a proper “How To” guide, which perhaps I should produce.

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@metkraming That’s great, to have it on or near the block 1 date (Feb 11)!!! Love it. However, we should pick the Friday night or Saturday night closest to Feb 11, to keep it on a weekend party night especially for the restaurant/bar/venues that host it to have a festive party atmosphere. 👍 👯‍♀️ 👯‍♂️ 🤘 💃 👯

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Idea - to have an annual Music Festival, a celebration of the best Indie artists around the world, artists that have releases on MUSICOIN. There would be a host city, where multiple artists play live, and we can arrange for some artists to play through live streaming around the world, which would be shown on a screen at the host venue. All artists, including virtual would be at a live venue, probably playing their music at a restaurant, bar, etc. At the host venue there would be an MC introducing the artists. There would need to be someone who knows how to live stream and switch from the host venue to the live streams. It would be an event that would highlight the artists as well as MUSICOIN itself, promoting the benefits of it, etc. MUSCOINFest?

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@ijatz-guatemala Yes, that would be great, to see real case usage of it (before I go out and buy one). Thanks

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@metkraming I see - thanks for the clarification.

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