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HI There,
I am an Electronic Music Artist from Scotland (living in Swindon, England).

I love to produce Psychedelic Trance (psytrance) and Progressive Psytrance as well as Downbeat and Chilled forms of Electronic music some of which borders on the experimental.
I liked the look of this place as i am currently getting into all things Crypto as well as being properly paid for my music seems awesome :)

Anyway i hope you enjoy my music and hit me up if you would like me to listen to yours :)


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@neon-insect Thanks Dude, i have loads of music but i cant get verified for some reason.

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Hey there,

Just joined the site, not sure whats going on yet lol but i am learning.

Anyway i am into and produce many different forms of Electronic Music including but not limited too Psytrance, Progressive Psytrance, Downbeat, Chilled, Electronic and Experimental.

Hope you are all having a blast here on Musicoin and hope to meet and talk to you all soon 🙂

Im off to listen to all your music 🙂

Mark (aka Celtic Mantra)

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