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@thibault-shagersword I also was wondering if there will be a full site overhaul, or just a landing page update (which looks pretty cool compared to the old one btw 👍) We have to ask each other these questions, because getting solid answers is damn near impossible sometimes. Cheers!
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Shout Out to everybody who entered a song in this contest, and is actively involved with Musicoin! Big ups to @Kahsay for bringing great music and his fans. @Zeljko-Stanojkovski We love the competition. Keep it going. And Most importantly - the music lovers who support " **[You and Me](** " ! I got madd respect for you All. Dougie...Maria... We got one with this baby! @FINCH-710-Music let's get back in the labyrinth, I feel a new colab on the horizon. @Katana-Da-Don you know how much I preciate your wicked lyrics, styley af. Keep making them hits fam! Thank you. *It's all in the music* :black_heart: :purple_heart: :musical_note: :musical_note: *Breez* ![0_1526280292705_musicoin profile pic.jpg](/assets/uploads/files/1526280298367-musicoin-profile-pic-resized.jpg)
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@Rui-da-silva is bringing the **HEAT**! *what an amazing track*
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Looks like it's time to release this new r&b/soul duet record I've been working on for Musicoin ! featuring Dougie Davis and Miss Maria. production, mixing, recording, composition by Breez. Lmk what you think .. " **[You and Me](** " - ***Dougie Davis** (ft. Miss Maria)* ![alt text](
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***Shout Out to everyone getting those votes in this week! Let’s Dance to the music***
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“***Go Bananas***” is an uptempo club ready synth vibe with gangsta appeal that makes use of vocal sample sequences to create the hook patterns. Would like to know what you think. Upvote if you dig. Onelove!
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@hydro-hellsing which exchange is better, Bittrex or Cryptopia? And why
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There are people who Wish for things to happen; And then there are those who Make things happen. The choice is yours. This is a dedication to all working hard to achieve their dreams, and striving for those better days.💫 Outline a blueprint for your goals - then follow through on it everyday with Action and Ambition in your heart. You don’t have to please the critics Or the overly opinionated. They’re talking heads at best. Remember, you’re in competition with No-One but yourself. When the streets rock with you, a haters false power is dimished. There’s little a critic can do other than fall in line, or fall off. It’s no big deal. Look for the silver-lining in all you do; don’t get discouraged! Release negative vibes and embrace the positive where ever you can. Uplift and guide in proper fashion when oppurtunity presents itself. Be real. Be honest. Try not to be too much of an A-hole. Life goes on and so will you. Why leave your destiny to chance .. Go on and Get it! Peace ![alt text](
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"**It's Over**" *featuring Sar Paul*
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Congratulations @petrajordan1 for the win! :100: :musical_note: Definitely a fun contest to be apart of. Brought lots of traffic and new faces to the Forum. It's been great to connect with all who supported making it a heated race to the finish.:fire: Discovering gems everyday on your timelines ! and great songs in the mix. Let's keep building that momentum here at Musicoin.

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