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@im Interesting move. Even without reward I'm inviting people. But rewarding for too long time later could impact in some way the vision they had from Musicoin. As you said. You never know what people would do beyond decency.

Hope everything runs well.
Best wishes!


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I believe isnt cool stuff to add, gonna be like robotical experience and Musicoin needs each time more Human and personal experiences, even to collect info our the listeners and help to serve better music for them according their musical taste.


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Hello vANdERlAMP !!!

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Hello brother, welcome to Musicoin. Nice to meet you

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@im it also could work with Richard Branson since he formerly owned ventures like Virgin EMI Records and Virgin Records; also having interest by cryptocurrencies. Btw he is very social too, reachable.

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@musasimsek6 Fitzgerald ohhh Gold Music Gold Age!

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@juxta interesting idea!

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@im great !! nice to know

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