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ASTERIOS PAPASTAMATAKIS studied classical piano until the age of 19 and then attended Berklee College of Music, from which he graduated with a diploma in Commercial Arranging. While there, he studied jazz piano improvisation with Jerry Berconzi, arranging with Donny Nolan, jazz piano with John Arcaro and jazz harmony with Jeff Friedman.
In his 25- year career as a professional piano-keyboard player, he has formed his own bands and played with numerous famous Greek artists like Socrates drank the conium, Basilis Papakonstantinou, Eleni Vitali , Vasilis Lekkas, Giannis Vardis, Eleni Peta, Haig Yazdjian, Yiannis Spathas and explored different musical styles.
He has been the hammondist of choice for visiting artists from the US and Europe such as Richard Smith, Tasha's World, Alex Foster and Kory-Clarke.
His composition ''Burn Out'' was included in George Kollia's (one of the best metal drummers in the world) internationally distributed instructional dvd "INTENSE METAL DRUMMING''.

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Το MC Plays θα ειναι live αυτην την κυριακη - με καλεσμενους Εμενα και τον DJ Moocha, DJ/Producer απο την Uganda . Η εκπομπη θα αρχισει 9 το βραδυ οποτε μπορειτε να μπειτε εκεινη την ωρα στο καναλι του youtube και να την παρακολουθησετε 🙂
Οποιος θελει μπορει να κανει share το event (και να συνδεθει με το Musicoin TV -

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Το πρωτο στουντιο στην γαλλια που δεχεται musicoin ειναι πραγματικοτητα… ελπιζω και αλλα στουντιο σιγα σιγα στην ελλαδα να ακολουθησουν το ιδιο παραδειγμα. Δεν γινονται ολα μεσα σε μια μερα αλλα σιγουρα τους επομενους μηνες και χρονια θα ερθουν αλλαγες στην μουσικη γενικοτερα που τωρα μας δινεται η ευκαιρια να ειμαστε μεσα και να κερδισουμε συνολικα 🙂—Premier-studio-denregistrement-Fran%C3%A7ais-%C3%A0-accepter-la-cryptomonnaie-MUSIC-

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@elamental everything is ok… i see you are verified 🙂 if you have any issues or want help with anything regarding the forum or the platform please ask 🙂

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@dublindj hello do you have any issue with the forum ?

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@elamental hello is your account verified ?? whats your account in the musicoin platform? paste it here if you can and ill see that your verified 🙂

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i think its a very good idea supporting the fact that this way every play is payed more that it does in competitive platforms , i think more people will turn or trust more musicoin and UBI…

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nice guy… and honest 🙂

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Thank you very much elena 🙂 shared it already in 6 different profiles of mine from here… i hope this starts to generate traffic to the forum 🙂

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