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So many fantastic choices!

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So many good choices. Hard picks as usual.

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I don't see where to vote, but my vote is for Jambrains. Super cool dude.

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I can copy/paste the transaction history with the coin. I mapped it out sorta with a block explorer.

I understand if the coin is just gone, I wasn't paying attention. But if the coin isn't gone, it would be cool to maybe try to recover it.

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for the "please make a post more than 8 characters long" forum requirement.

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Hey $Musicians!

I've been tossing this link around to other musicoin $Musician friends to fill out. I wanted to post this map to try to get a good, global scope of musicians on this platform. It is pretty awesome to see just how global this platform is getting.

Personally, I have this map bookmarked and I use it to help me browse around for other fellow musicians to listen too. So please, feel free as a musician on musicoin to put a pin down where your location is and edit your information in. It would be handy for you to set your website link to as your musicoin artist profile page.

Feel free to look at how I set my pin up for ideas. (I'm Amphlux, pin is smack in the middle of the USA)

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I totally dig your guys sound!

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