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Guys my last single of the year is out. I hope my next single comes out on new years eve so that we can celibrate the new year together on musicoin:


Dont be shy come and visit me here 🙂

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Hi. A shout from Norway. I think my genre is Techno, House & Trance, but I am open for suggestions: https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x9dca91522f7b0f9f80f032c0547a97aee3330699

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Hi guys. This is my latest release from Oslo, Norway. I am a dance producer whome use some Disc Jockeying in my music which is the pattern of basically every house music, trance music and electronic dance music that there is. I have recently learned to make music in 1/4th of the bar which consequently is about vocal chopping. This song has been a bit excessive on that department. Haha https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x9dca91522f7b0f9f80f032c0547a97aee3330699

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Hi. So I am not sure if I am qualified for this contest. If not feel free to reject. Wont take it personal at all. Here is my release from today. I hope I am qualified for this weeks contest: https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x9dca91522f7b0f9f80f032c0547a97aee3330699

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This my first Norwegian song and the first time I have done instrumental and vocal chopping. The consequences has been that the vocals sometimes just sounds like misconstrued rambling. Kind of sad too since the aim of the song was to fight inequality regarding racism, sexism, discrimination and extremism. The whole purpose of publishing it today was to resonate the song with 7th year anniversery of the terrorist actions that rocked Oslo & Utøya in Norway. Its all good though :).

<iframe id=“embedded-player-preview-frame” src=“https://musicoin.org/embedded-player/0x9dca91522f7b0f9f80f032c0547a97aee3330699?embedded=true&autoQueue=true&preview=true”></iframe>

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Im in homie. All though I am a dance track artist, here goes nothing:

Here is my profile, see yall there aight?


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