Co-write / Collaboration Interested?!

So many awesome producers are in this community. I am better with lyrics/singing. Anyone interested in doing a song together?
In the vein of - Sia and Dave Guetta, Enigma, etc. Looking for a sound that you can hear the emotion in the music. Let me know if you’re interested !

@kate-mclaughlin I love a collaboration. Have a listen to my material and see if it would fit what your after


It would great to have a subcategory in this forum dedicated to this. Collabs are a excellent way to promote this platform and all the artists involved!

@kate-mclaughlin Hi Kate! I’m up for a collab. Here’s one I did last year with BetaPSI (Fireproof) Although it’s darker than what you are looking for I’ve also done club tracks like Cream This is my latest track Lost I have a rough outline of a House song that I could send you if you want to drop me a line Thanks!

We like to feature and collaborate with different singers. Check out our Moving On track on our profile page. We are in the process of doing more upbeat songs …

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