How to be chosen for artist of the week?

Hi everyone, I just joined Musicoin as an artist and I am really happy being part of this amazing and innovative community.
I’ve noticed, every week, 5 artists are chosen to compete for the “Artist of the week” position. I was wondering, how do you get elected to be between those 5 artists? Is there a way to submit your work? Or is it simply the Musicoin staff looking what’s around and choosing themselves?

Anyhow, thank you, and keep creating and enjoying music!


Heellooo @arnaugil-13, welcome aboard and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Yes, like @Zeljko-Stanojkovski mentioned, we’re around 20 Ambassadors submitting the names of Musicoiners of whom the music pleases us. I’d say it’s really hard not to be picked at some point for an artist proposing quality music, since that Ambassadors group shares a wiiide array of musical trends and practices.

Two preliminar points:

  • is your username the same here in the Forum and on the Musicoin website?;
  • to be selected you need to have released on the platform a minimum of 4 tracks.

Looking forward to listen to your creations 😄

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