Animoca invests $166K in $MUSIC

Perhaps this was the reason for the spike in volume yesterday? It’s not huge amount, but it is good news to see a publicly traded company investing in MUSICOIN. Perhaps Isaac will mention it in his address at MaMa this week.

Also - I want to say I’m proud of the Musicoin team for not giving advance teases about this upcoming news - instead just let this progress and happen naturally, so it sounds more like “been there… done that… no big deal… more to come” kind of attitude.

@ciarrocchi yes, they kept and keeping silence

As I remember last year Isaac said something like - No market manipulation, only real deal

Thats good news! I dont think the spike was about that. Rather pump and dump, just guessing 🙂

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman How do you think he bought coins?

At once bought a lot, as result we have price rising

I think it because the price dropped down to the prior price again 🙂

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman don’t get me wrong

He bought - price up
Who mined at 55sat sell at 65-75 - price down

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