Are we close to 51% attack?

Hope you’ve listened about 51% attack on blockchain and know that it’s really dangerous for project life.
atm we are at so bad situation when network hashrate is so low and one wallet can mine 6 more blocks in row…
There are ~2 month to Ice Age, hope to that point situation will be changed.



Thank you very much.
So what do you advice?

@musicoin-italia it looks like after Isaac performance in France we will see an avalanche of new miners

What about ambassadors, I think everyone have to mine If have appropriate GPU



What is an appropriate GPU? We have to be geek to be miner. Or there is olso an easy way?

GPUs are cheap now. Get an nvidia GTX 1070 or 1060 on Ebay for your PC.
Contact me if you need help setting it up for mining etc.

This is a good example of a GTX 1060 with 6GB RAM which fits in most PCs - it is the single fan edition. Every Ambassador should at least have this, right Metkraming?
You will get 23MH with it.

@ciarrocchi yep. If they don’t want to be geek, they have to buy 1060 3gb or even 1050 ti

Who want to have more profitable GPU, have to buy rx 570 and easy modify firmware


@ciarrocchi @metkraming said in Are we close to 51% attack?:
Grazie mille
So if I buy one you will help me to install it. I have an old Toshiba Core 2 Duo with Ubuntu. I can efford with?

@musicoin-italia if there’s PCI-express in your motherboard, I believe it is, and at least 2gb ram, you can easily buy some of tham (GPU), and like @ciarrocchi said, he’ll help you

@musicoin-italia Yeah, but tell me the exact model of your PC before you buy that.

@musicoin-italia Sorry I just realized you said Ubuntu. I only work with Windows - sorry, I’m not a Linux guy.

I’ve used a 1060, 1070 and 1080 - and I would recommend 1060s - you can get 2 for the price of a 1070 and mine much faster.

1060s hash around 20 Mh/s - cost around $250 new

1070s hash around 25 Mh/s - cost around $400 new

1080s hash around 20 Mh/s - cost around $500 new
1080s are very slow at hashing due to memory type !!

hope that helps!

@8kb it’s you show stock parameters

Overclocking 1060 with Samsung memory gives you ~25 Mh/s
Overclocking 1070 - 30-32 Mh/s
about 1080 have lack of information

What about reds (ATI Radeon)
any overclocking rx570-580 with modified bios gives you 30-32 Mh/s

Who have no time but have money chose GTX, who have alittle time for youtube video about modifying bios buy Radeon

imo GTX better for gaming/Video-rendering, ATI for mining


I’ve only tried GTX cards… but if the ATI’s are cheaper for similar hashing power then I would use those.

I haven’t overclocked my GTX because I want it to last – I use it for VR and gaming.

I started mining last night and have received around 50 $music in 12 hours with one GTX card hashing at 20 Mh/s.

Lots of market volume of $MUSIC today… I hope it’s because of Isaac’s keynote address this week in France, and it is the beginning of a positive, sustained move up in the price.


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