After a week, my wallet was synchronized by 67%.
I use version 101, because after that it’s getting worse, 1.5 is useless. I just want the wallet synchronized, why does it take so much time?

The site doesn’t work properly, the player doesn’t work, the wallet doesn’t work, please fix something, this is annoying!
Don’t tell me how this is a young site with a huge potential and that soon everything will be great. Everything is full of bugs and things don’t work for months, devs please, make some fixes…

Yeah check if your computer clock is in sync with an internet ntp.
Or use this build:
It has at least the missing text fields, unlike the official 1.5 release!

You could also delete your old blocchain data (dont delete your key) and start over. If there aint any data on the disk the wallet will do a fast sync. On new systems it will sync in 45 min.
The chandata is located here:
you can delete the whole chaindata folder

I deleted the chain data folder and now we have a movement, my wallet is getting synchronized…Thank you Tinman, thank you a lot!

I forgot to tell you, to remove your keys from the keystore folder, otherwise it will stop the fastsync at the block the key was created and switch to normal sync mode…
Best way is to import your key AFTER your wallet is fully synced 🙂

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