What is proof of sharism? When new app?

I thinking this is a state secret. Just questions and no answers

@musasimsek6 like life meaning, what is after death and who else live in the Universe?


@musicoin-Italia @niuQuin @Isaac-Mao Yes, I too, am having trouble understanding this idea of proof of sharism. Is there any written info anywhere? Regards the new mobile app, I am beginning to sound like a scratched record: PLAYLISTS, PLAYLISTS, PLAYLISTS! It must contain these. I very much hope we can have some closer co-operation and talks with the developers, via our regular ambassador meetings online, to understand more about the technical issues. It’s all about communication - if we can understand their problems better and they can take onboard our concerns and ideas it will be useful.


Heellooo fellow Musicoiners! @musicoin-Italia @metkraming @musasimsek6 @Stevee 🙂

These days some meetings (“physical” and online ones) are taking place to set up an adequate frame allowing us to address all these questions, for example the main devs will be meeting and working in Hong Kong tomorrow (Monday).

Regarding the Proof of Sharism, yes, it’ll replace the mining activity by a purely social activity. I haven’t been actively contributing to its definition, till now, but a features suggestions space will be open, for us all to drop our ideas about it. The main line is: let’s base Musicoin’s wealth production on our creativity and solidarity (which are unlimited resources 😉 ) instead of on a limited money supply coming from blockchain mining. The way to earn $MUSIC, under that new regime, will be through curating other artists songs, sharing them on other platforms, composing tracks together, offering ideas to the Community, etc.

4 days ago Isaac opened a MCIP (Musicoin Improvement Proposal) around it on GitHub, here: https://github.com/Musicoin/MCIPs/blob/master/MCIPS/mcip-8.md

(again, I’m not in the team shaping PoSh, I just use to cast a glance at our GitHub every week or so, it’s a very healthy habit 😄 ).

Regarding the mobile app, we’re in the process of fostering a permanent collaboration between the Ambassadors and Zack’s team (in charge of its development), for that app to be the fruit of a real “co-creation”. Isaac will talk with Zack today about this topic.

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let’s base Musicoin’s wealth production on our creativity and solidarity (which are unlimited resources 😉 )
Ok. Thank you very much

without official answers all of this is only hypothesis. All’ll be clear after Isaac performance in Paris

but now take it easy and look at the starlunar sky

have a good night


@metkraming The GitHub published MCIP-8 (well, its draft version, hehe) may be considered as an official answer 🙂

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@musicoin-Italia Lorenzo Today when we talked on the phone, you did not ask these things to me. You do not need this question to the whole community, if you have us close to ask and then you communicate. Greetings to all, future official announcements will be published in due course. Blessings for all.


@niuquin you are right I forgot to talk by phone, but if I get what “proof of sharism” will be, it is something that doesn’t exist yet, that we are going to built together?
Devs and musicians?
It will be the real difference between Musicoin and other Coin?
The road map talk about this, like a better way to create and share value in the blockchain.
And Isaac also open a official GitHub https://github.com/Musicoin/MCIPs/blob/master/MCIPS/mcip-8.md
that open this.

So let’s go, dreams came before reality!
Thank and


I’m excited about the playlist feature and the “proof of sharism” because it gives us a huge opportunity for growth. I think we should hang tight because to my understanding from our last ambassador meeting these implications will be released soon. We taking off from there. (just some words of faith and encouragement)

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