Maximize the window of opportunity upcoming with the mobile app

My idea is that with the upcoming release of the streaming app and then a new site that works better, we have an opportunity at that moment, because there will be a surge in artists/listeners joining our system. We need to take advantage of this moment. I suggest that be prepared and staffed to begin speeding up the artist verification process so that it is fast - same day or better, preferably 1 hour.

Get some interns at the nearby college and pay them the going rate (use $MUSIC UBI stash if needed) to staff the workstations to speed up the process. Or, pay the ambassadors to do it remotely and pay $MUSIC for every artist verified, whatever it takes, and keep it going that way.

The most glaring negative thing I notice most here is that artists are complaining about the verification wall. Our competitor is stealing some spotlight by being able to say they are the biggest, based on artist population. Lets fight back by making it easier to be verified, and coincide that with the streaming app release.

We need to maximize the window of opportunity that the release of the streaming app will give us, especially if it is before our competitors release theirs.


Heellooo @ciarrocchi!

I globally agree with your proposal, especially its “pay the ambassadors to do it remotely” modality (I’m not supporting it for being an Ambassador myself, haha, it’d be some other Ambassadors who would carry that verification task). Let’s ask @Zeljko-Stanojkovski what he thinks about it 🙂

On the other hand, some very popular blockchain-based platforms require their potential users to wait way more than Musicoin asks its verified artists to wait (24 hours). Think of Steemit, where waiting 2 weeks before being allowed to write your first comment is more the rule than the exception…

Regarding Choon pretending to be the “biggest blockchain-rooted music platform”, it’s a lie. As @cryptofuture was explaining recently,
"…) Choon counts any user as artist, but we are counting separately users without verified uploads. On Musicoin we have 52,096 users 5,368 artists and 31,068 releases".

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Yes, I agree that verification needs time. But this time is necessary, because you have to decide if user is a musician or not if he is going to create music or not, to create value
Because UBI are going to pay for him the MC necessary to stream his music.

The question is how we can let join Musicoin and verified all the good musicians that are not on Internet yet?

We should really try to imagine that a big part of musicians in this world do not have acces to internet yet, and they are the first that should beneficiate from Musicoin.

I have a dream, maybe the same as yours, one day Musicoin is going to be able to offer to all musicians in this world a real Universal Basic Incame thanks to their music efforts and improvement. And I think could be the ambassadors that operate in this direction. We allready start a little bit, I think. The goal is to let all the musicians receive a reward from their precieous work!

And all other kind of arts, let’s start from music!


Yes, there are some plans to include ambassadors in the verification process when a number of requests reaches a higher level.

We expect to see some history of their musical work so not everyone can be verified. Unlike some other platforms where you can be an artist just by confirming your account through an email confirmation, Musicoin aims to build a strong community, where only content owners(or their legal representatives) benefit from strimming. ☺

What is the current ambassador now? What are its functions? Who appoints an ambassador or … how can I become an ambassador?
And now the hottest question.
Where can I buy Musicoin T-shirts and sweatshirts?
(If there are no such T-shirts, then it’s time to start it. For example, on AliExpress).
Well, or tell me where to download the logo image in sufficient resolution. Then I can print on a white sweatshirt myself.

Here’s how:

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@spidola Indeed - this is truly the most urgent issue that should be addressed (Musicoin T-shirt supply). I prefer a black T-shirt - size XL. Hopefully Isaac Mao will be wearing one at the upcoming MaMa Festival & Convention in France this coming October 17. 😜 🤡 🤘

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