Can I browse/search/filter all songs?

Where do I find the music categories/genres listed, with all songs within those categories? I’m wondering if there is a way for me to search through ALL Musicoin artist content. I did stumble upon this URL after searching “genres”…
However, it only shows a group of 8 songs from each category (most tipped/played/recent). Is there another way to search/sort/filter the entire MUSICOIN catalogue? I was hoping to create an example “Hidden Gems” listing of 5-10 songs that were uploaded but forgotten or not highlighted but deserve sunlight.


Heellooo @ciarrocchi! 🙂

A way to get a broader array of released songs on a sole screen is clicking on the loop logo which appears on the searching box, leaving that box in blank. However, it’ll still show you the “most something” tunes (most tipped / played / recent), not the “less something” ones, where by definition those “Hidden Gems” (“Hidden Jams”? 😉 ) lie.

So what I do to find that kind of early published / forgotten tracks is browsing our catalogue genre by genre, or keyword by keyword. For instance, entering “metal”, with the “plays” parameters selected, as follows:

we harvest 150 different compositions, related to metal, many of them having (unfortunately) been listened to less than 20 times.

I agree the platform needs to implement a “total search” tool, and I guess the soon to happen release of the Musicoin API will foster better conditions for such a feature integration 😄

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