How can I trade MUSIC?

How can I trade MUSIC on CRYPTOPIA it doesn’t recognize coins from site-adresses?

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@mopsohod5 I should do a video/screenshot guide for that. This however is the reason I suggested to make a “BUY MUSIC” button on the upcoming mobile streaming app so it’s easy.

Are you interested in buying MUSIC or selling MUSIC?

Here’s a rough summary:
Buying MUSIC on Cryptopia:

  1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase or mine some other crypto (ETH/XMR…etc) and convert it to Bitcoin using a service such as
  2. Send the purchased Bitcoin to your wallet (Copay, Green Address, etc)
  3. Open a Cryptopia account and on there…
  4. … Choose Deposit… Bitcoin(BTC)… it will create a deposit address for your Bitcoin that you will send.
  5. … Send Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet to your Cryptopia Bitcoin deposit address… wait about one hour.
  6. … When the Bitcoin has arrived at your Cryptopia deposit account, you can proceed to exchange it for MUSIC as follows…
  7. … Click Exchange in top menu… then click BTC (because you are using BTC as your exchange currency)…
  8. … In the “Search markets” search tool, enter MUSIC… and select MUSIC in the list…
  9. … the MUSIC / BTC exchange panel will open on the right pane…
  10. … to buy MUSIC at the available market rate, simply click the top listed “Price (BTC)” value in the “Sell Orders” pane. This will enable you to immediately buy MUSIC at the lowest available SELL offer, which is the accumulation of everyone offering to sell at that price.

You will have to change the amount to buy depending on how much BTC you have of course. In addition, if you want to buy more than what the seller was offering, you might have to pay the next higher rate.

The other option is to place a BUY order, specifying that amount and price you want to sell for, but that will not be immediate. You, in effect are becoming part of the SELL order of BITCOIN for MUSIC miners/owners who want to sell their MUSIC for BTC.

Selling MUSIC is pretty much the reverse, except of course you would be searching through the BUY orders - people wishing to BUY your MUSIC, or you would place a SELL order

As I said, this is worthy of a proper “How To” guide, which perhaps I should produce.

I meant another. CRYPTOPIA don’t recognize coins from adreesses

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@mopsohod5 so you have to download local wallet, sync it and send coins to cryptopia from local wallet

Cryptopia does not recognise coins send from your webprofile. Thats why this stands on the transfer patch:

Warning! Some exchanges will not recognize coins sent directly from your profile. For ex. Cryptopia.

You should try to open an issue on Cryptopia and state your problem together with tx id

@mopsohod5 As Metkraming said, install the desktop MUSIC wallet, then send them to Cryptopia:

(If you have Windows, select the Windows-x64.exe version)

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