Music Festival (MUSICOINFest?)

Idea - to have an annual Music Festival, a celebration of the best Indie artists around the world, artists that have releases on MUSICOIN. There would be a host city, where multiple artists play live, and we can arrange for some artists to play through live streaming around the world, which would be shown on a screen at the host venue. All artists, including virtual would be at a live venue, probably playing their music at a restaurant, bar, etc. At the host venue there would be an MC introducing the artists. There would need to be someone who knows how to live stream and switch from the host venue to the live streams. It would be an event that would highlight the artists as well as MUSICOIN itself, promoting the benefits of it, etc. MUSCOINFest?

11 of February is a good day for that -

@metkraming That’s great, to have it on or near the block 1 date (Feb 11)!!! Love it. However, we should pick the Friday night or Saturday night closest to Feb 11, to keep it on a weekend party night especially for the restaurant/bar/venues that host it to have a festive party atmosphere. 👍 :woman-with-bunny-ears-partying: :man-with-bunny-ears-partying: 🤘 💃 👯

@ciarrocchi 10$ for coin and it willn’t matter Friday it or Wednesday


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