Reduce reward for Uncle blocks

imo, it’s to large reward for uncle block if it’s almost equal to regular reward for block

Want to know what you think about it. And does it possible to reduce reward for uncle blocks to 10% of regular reward or less?

@metkraming What is the pro/con to lowering the uncle block reward? Also, how much is the uncle block reward?

big reward for uncle blocks additionally inflates total coin supply, 'couse there’re ~3-4% of uncle blocks

Uncle Reward: 218.75 MUSIC, 187.5 MUSIC, 156.25 MUSIC, 125 MUSIC, 93.75 MUSIC, 62.5 MUSIC according to miningpoolhub description. But I see in blockchain 235 and even 274.75 coins for uncle block

@metkraming I see - thanks for the clarification.

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