The track I share with you below has an almost 30 years of evolution behind it. initially i had composed it with cubase on an atari ST was back around 1992/93… I just left school, there was no internet, no streaming platforms for people hear your music. I composed and recorded a crude version and exported it as a midi file with cubase, almost 10 years later when moving i found the disk in the attic and imported it to fruityloops, the old FLStudio… after remapping it i recorded it again and kinda forgot about it until some time in 2010, i recomposed and recorded it again with some vsts instead of the midi wave table, roll forward to 2018, i rediscovered the FLP file and cleaned it up, recomposed it and remastered it for a much nicer feel… this particular piece is special to me for many reasons, so after spending 3/4 of my life perfecting this piece to what it is today its time to share it with others

feedback greatly appreciated

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