Verify? Verify?

Verify this, verify that, verfy again! Hey devs, how many times do I need to verify every single thing? Do you know that on a competing platform (which is very poorly designed) only the email needs to be verified?

I give up, I know a lot more people who use C… just because it’s much easier to use.


Don’t give up! We need you, we want you here, and thanks for your feedback so we can improve. Support… give her some luv pls.

I have been trying to get verified and everything i do i am not getting through starting to feel i should delete this profile.


Hello @classic-a-lew and @victoryonemusic, nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

As @ciarrocchi said, you’ve made the right step: writing here in the Forum will allow @Zeljko-Stanojkovski, the Musicoiner responsible for the verification process, to facilitate it for you.

I confess I didn’t know another platform only requires an email address verification for an artist to register, and it actually kind of scares me, haha. How do they prevent, then, some people to earn cryptos by monetizing music that others created?

The easiest paths often end up becoming the most complicated…

On the other hand, we’re already 3,500 verified artists on, and almost all of them have obtained that “verified” status less than 48 hours after having set up their profile. Don’t hesitate, please, to precise at which point there could have ocurred an obstacle, in your process?

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I think that people from this platform go to that Choon just because their weird platform has no bugs, their player works fine.

I have a question. Where will you sell you handful choon token?

@metkraming You right, but I think people are looking for audience not a few tokens.

@tristan_aaren maybe I’m so optimistic, but waiting for mobile app

What about verification, choon and Musicoin have different pay methods. And Musicoin try to open the door for high quality artists, it give us chanse to see one day Big musician on Musicoin


Hello @tristan_aaren, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

You’re right, as far as the player is concerned. Our has to be improved, and its lagging/skipping tendencies should become past issues starting from October / November, with the shift to our new server.

Nonetheless the heart of the Musicoin process is not a technical one: it’s based on building a Community, a space where the artists and the listeners co-operate (I myself am a listener), sharing ideas, solidarity mechanisms, lived experiences and sensibilities. A Community in which the kind of feedback you provide us with (bringing suggestions, opening perspectives) is warmly welcome, and where we hope the “consumer artist” attitude (“I register on a platform, I want a perfect service, and I if it requires any personal involvement, I use to complain”) will be the exception… 🙂


Yes, we are asking more from artists in order to verify account than other platforms do and there are proper reasons for that.
Having just email confirmation to approve artist profile is really scary.
Some measures must exist in order to protect the best interests of the Service and the community.
Please write to if you need any assistance regarding verification.

@victoryonemusic Profiles are processed within 24h after your first track upload. Your profile is verified. 🙂

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