hi fellow musicians and fabulous listeners , just thought i might put it out there!
I am really missing the weekly song competition because i feel that that is the only way that i can get my music heard on this site . I have tried to interact with other users listening and commenting , and tipping , but no one seems to reciprocate on musicoin , so i have given up that tactic . If any one has some tips for me i would be a very eager ear !?


Hi @clive-fuller
Why not sharing track links on social networks, growing your network of fans ?
Also, song of the week will be started soon again. 🙂

yes tried that one too , nothing happened

BY THE WAY , i do do very well on other platforms , especially musicoin’s biggest rival !

As i said before , missing song of the week , looking forward to it starting up again , i really like that competition.

@clive-fuller As far as I can see, the biggest problem for Musicoin is that there are no listeners. For example, Choon is a much younger platform, but there are many more musicians and listeners. Maybe they are more user-friendly…
This platform losing people!

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I only see here ambassadors and administrators, and nothing has become easier in the past 3 months.
It’s complicated to be a listener here, and the artist is even more complicated.

Choon is a buisiness model and MC a Non-Profit-Orgnistion.
Choon didnt pay artists yet, we will see if and how much they pay. Lets see how much listeners on choon are willing to actually pay for the music.
You already can embedd musicoin player on your website…
The project is still working on the engine, so it aint very user friendly yet. I cant see that it is very difficult to use musicoin as artist or as listener. You can learn selling your musicoin in some hours. Im sure there will be something that its gonna make it eas to buy mc for listeners eg. Volareo speaker
I see a very good progress since i joined last year. Only the price of mc is disturbing, but that is Sparta!

I’ve gotta say Choon has a really sleek website; they’ve got their marketing DOWN I mean they know what they’re doing. I mean their logo is a freaking UNICORN! That being said Musicoin definitely feels more like we’ll get back what we put in; the system seems more open, the forums here seem like a great way for developers and users to communicate. What can I say; competition is a good thing! Let’s talk about getting some more listeners!

coming from DSound to check both out and try to remain active on all fronts…


Heellooo @Laura-Atencio, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂 (por cierto, ¿eres hispanófona? 😛 ).

I hope you’ll forgive me to copy here parts of answers or articles I’ve published before in other threads ;-).

Besides what other Musicoiners mentionned above, one crucial difference I valorate between Musicoin and Choon is the NO ICO dimension in Musicoin.

Exactly like the “Good elder ones” (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, DigiByte) the Musicoin project never organized an Initial Currency Offering (ICO), a process which has often artificially inflated many crypto-based initiatives, both in their monetary value and their marketing promises, reverting the logical order of their growth (they harvested a lot of money on the basis of an advertisement campaign, not on a working product); on the contrary, since its launch in February 2017, Musicoin has been growing with an astonishing discretion, without investing a sole dollar or crypto in ads, and at a pace which will never be affected by the bulls, bears, whales and any other zoological oddities 😉

Secondly, the heart of the Musicoin process is not a technical one: it’s based on building a Community, a space where the artists and the listeners co-operate (I myself am a listener), sharing ideas, solidarity mechanisms, lived experiences and sensibilities. A Community in which the kind of feedback you provide us with (bringing suggestions, opening perspectives) is warmly welcome, and where we hope the “consumer artist” attitude (“I register on a platform, I want a perfect service, and I if it requires any personal involvement, I use to complain”) will be the exception… 🙂

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oh wow glad to hear all your views people , and thank you all for bringing out the subject of … CHOON , i do find that this afore mentioned platform to be , more user friendly , sleeker in design , no glitches so far , moving forward at a far greater rate , technically advanced , already miles ahead , more fun , and … users respond and listen to other folk’s tracks , unlike musicoin , in which i have found it like squeezing blood from a stone to get other members to participate in the community vibe , excluding the few that i have had a very nice experience with. I will emphasise the word FEW !

choon is the way at the moment … sorry folks but that is just the way the nookie … i mean the cookie crumbles

@laura-atencio thank you for listening and pointing out these glaringly obvious facts xxx

if anybody on this site is interested in music rather than COIN / MONEY , give this one a spin , it’s one to make the hair grow ! from me winkandwoo -

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