I'm not sure if this has been discussed before...

Well I was just noticing that it would be really cool that the “wall” for the songs had 3 separate tabs, kinda like in twitter. One for Comments, one for tips and one for follows. That would kinda clean the front side of it a little.

imo, devs don’t change anything 'cause they forge new web app where we’ll see all new features and strongly new design


yeah that’s true. The beta of course is not the final design so we’ll hope we see that implemented in the final release of the app 🙂


Hello @flocculent, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂 Thaaanks too, @metkraming, you’re a real asset (a human one, not talking about cryptos, haha) for our community, hugely appreciate you support and the time you dedicate to answer in this Forum!! It’s thanks to attitudes like yours that this community and sensibility-building process will end up bettering our lives 😄

Your suggestion, @Flocculent, is highly relevant, thanks a lot! Actually in a (very) near future we’re gonna hold an “AMA” (“Ask Me Anything”) technical session, during which you could direct this proposal / question to the devs. Stay tuned to catch the date!

¡Ah, por cierto, es hasta ahora que me percato que sos también de Guatemala, jaja! Si no estoy mal, no haces parte de nuestro grupo facebookiano “Musicoin Guatemala”, ¿verdad? Por si te interesa compartir con l@s demás Musicoiñan@s nacionales, sólo déjame acá tu nombre de usuario en Facebook, y te incluyo más rápido que Jimmy cuando declaró persona non grata a Ivan 😉

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@ijatz-guatemala Oh I’m glad there’s going to be an AMA I also want to know about when it comes to LUFS and if there’s going to be a standardized level for that as well.

No no me he unido al grupo, no sabia mucho que hubiera uno para Guatemala 💯 jajaja eso si seria rapido entonces xD

Lo buscaré en facebook y me uniré gracias 👌

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