Posted an article tonight for our community on Steemit, check it out if you find a moment

I wanted to kind of stress to the outside world what good is going on with this decentralized movement for music and the musicians involved. So I decided to utilize my Steemit account with a little shout out to Musicoin and Choon for leading the way. If you find a moment check it out, I will try to pop a few more out there now and then as I think its vital for independent artists to self promote such platforms giving opportunities to us.

Here is the article, hope you enjoy:

Mad Respects everyone, glad to stand next to so much talent,
Steve of Kill Moment In Frame


Marvelous, Steve! (@flaherty784) - by the way: nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

My first thought, when I saw your article’s title, was that it’d probably be savvier to “civilize” the music industry than to salvage it ;-), but I guess in the paper you dig in the underlying reasons for having chosen that term, so I’ll first find time to savour your textual music, and comment both here and on Steemit.

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