Musicoin potential market valuation / Spotify $20 Billion

I came across this Feb 22 article regarding Spotify going public at an estimated $20 billion market valuation. That shows the potential value increase of MUSICOIN in 2-3 years when I believe we will have become a dominant competitor in at least the “indie” streaming music field. Consider this, if MUSICOIN only captures 1% of the market that Spotify has, that is a $200 million market valuation. MUSICOIN currently has a market cap of $3,091,346. This would mean a 6400% increase in valuation over the next 5-10 years. Assuming an ending supply of 1 Billion MUSICOIN, that would make 1 MUSICOIN be worth $.20 - $.24. That sounds like a conservative estimate for what is now a fledgling “indie” music platform. If we could only focus on the indie music scene and become known as the best indie platform, I believe we could achieve that kind of valuation conservatively.

at the moment there’re more than 1 billion coins in Musicoin’s blockchain

776 million is the current circulation according to the coin info sites below. Where are you seeing over 1 billion circulation?

@ciarrocchi ok, my friend.
First of all I hope you know how to multiply digits. After that look here
There is block number 3286628 at 2018-09-06T20:39
There are 314 coins in one block and alittle less coins in uncle block. Chance of uncle block is ~3%, so

3286628 * 314 = 1’032’001’192 coins
plus 3286628 * 0.03 * (number of coins in uncle block).

Best regards

@ciarrocchi said in Musicoin potential market valuation / Spotify $20 Billion:

776 million is the current circulation according to the coin info sites below. Where are you seeing over 1 billion circulation?

You have to manually request an update in circulating supply to coin market cap. So there is now more than 1 billion coins emitted by now. I don’t think is that easy to figure it out considering that the official explorer listed in coinmarketcap is down ( but you can still calculate it.

The official ANN ( says there’s 314 coins mined every block. So based on that you can check in what block the chain currently is. As of now:

Blockchain Height: 3,286,849
So multiplying that by 314 coins created each block:
There’s a total of 1,032,070,586 currently in existence.

Is this number that is constantly increasing that we have to use to calculate the marketcap. I hope that:

  1. coin circulation gets update in coinmarketcap
  2. the official block explorer gets updated.

This so it’s less of a hassle to interact with the technicals 🙂

So yeah, for now at at $0.003867 USD $MUSIC marketcap is

$ 3,991,016.

Still, incredibly cheap and with so much room to grow if, as you said, musicoin gets to capture at least 1% of Spotify market share.

The future is bright for all musicians aboard the $MUSIC train 😛

I would appreciate if you guys can listen to my music to support me 🙂 I’ll do the same.

Ahhh, ok I see. Anyways, regardless of the exact number of coins, my point about the potential stands, albeit at a different valuation at the 1% of the Spotify market example.

1% of Spotify marketshare would be quite an accomplishment. You have to remember they are competitors like Choon… And Spotify has big artists.

Yeah, I don’t see Spotify / Pandora etc as competitors. Musicoin should focus on being THE home for independent artists, and make it a no-brainer for new artists to be here. I’m just looking at it as a way to put some potential valuation on the value of $MUSICOIN. 1% of the Spotify audience, but for Indie music, would be a very valuable result, and is doable, if we maintain that focus.

Also, Spotify ended up being valued at $30Billion after all, so 1% of that would be $300 million. Let’s say the final circulation of $MUSIC is 2 Billion coin. That makes 1 MC = $.15. Not bad to go from $.00375 to a stable $.15 in a few years.


Yes, could we imagine that maybe would be enought to write a super Hit Parade song to bring milion of listeners on Musicoins.

So the only think to do is to improove our music. And not only x2 or x10 but x10000.

Go to the mondial hitparade.


Heellooo all! Coinmarketcap has just updated the $MUSIC current supply displayed on their site:

@ijatz-guatemala and it was moved from 592 place/rank to 538

we need 0.046 cents per coin and we will go to top100/First page cryptocurrencies

Dare I say it…??? 🤔


🤡 🤘 🤑 🎅 😀

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