This is Maelstrohm Black, I have a problem, the google login will not let me access my account...

It is also important to mention that before the forum was “revamped” I used to have to access it using the manual email and password login, as I had created an account on the forum using the email I am trying to reactivate on my Taphophilia musicoin account right now. Back then, the cross-login feature did not work for me (and many other people), even though I was logged in the main site, I could not access the forum automatically, like it does presently. So please make sure the devs do not delete the forum account, with all my message history and settings. Why can’t they just restore the manual login to the forum? I am sure I would be able to access it this way. Too bad if I sound like a grouch, but I am getting very irritated by all these technical difficulties, it makes participation in the platform VERY difficult.

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@taphophilia Don’t worry forum account will not be removed nor your verified musicoin profile will.

Can you link your Google account to musicoin profile and then login by using Google login option? That could be a fast solution for both, forum and withdraw ☺

@zeljko-stanojkovski That’s what I am saying since the beginning. It WAS linked already, then one day, I stopped getting the authorization email when trying to withdraw and ever since, it won’t let me link it again. And now, when I withdraw, even though I cannot link it and it won’t let me access my original forum profile like I could before, it re-started sending me the authorization email again to my google address, but every time I click the link that should make the transaction happen, I get back to my musicoin profile page, but the withdrawal NEVER happens. I tried over ten times already, with no success. This was working fine before the tech team started to revamp the site a while ago, now I can’t even retrieve my coins… 😞


Oh, I see.
Don’t worry it will be fixed. Please have a patience. ☺

@zeljko-stanojkovski I am and have been VERY patient, but I have had issues with the forum since its first iteration, several months ago, that’s why I had to create a separate forum account using the email method in the first place. Why isn’t the email login method simply reactivated? This would be the simplest way to fix the problem, wouldn’t it? As far as not being able to withdraw is concerned, I finally found what was the problem: Since we are now paid more musicoin per stream, to keep the PPP competitive (which is one positive thing I can gladly congratulate the team about!), payments now sometime amount to decimals. They are rounded up for display, but cannot actually be withdrawn, if you try to get the entire amount. You have to leave the “dust” in the web wallet and only withdraw an integer amount (one less than the rounded up amount), for it to work, unless you use the blockchain explorer, like I did, to know what the exact amount is, then it will work. Haven’t other users mentioned having difficulties with this?


@taphophilia Actually you are the first one reporting that withdrawal problem.

Please try now to connect your Google account to Musicoin profile, the account which caused the problem is deleted now.
By using Google login withdrawal confirmation will be sent to Gmail address. 🙂

@zeljko-stanojkovski it still will not work, even though I finally was able to change the email link. This is getting ridiculous… Anyways, what is the damn point of setting up a password when there isn’t even a way to login using that password? All this back and forth is leaving me with a bitter aftertaste. As an ambassador, how can I be expected to promote the idea of this “wonderful platform” when I cannot even seem to get it to work properly for myself? I have been a very vocal musicoin advocate since the beginning, even while nay sayers were talking down the platform, I have kept vouching for it. But I am beginning to lose faith, AND patience.
Musicoin has to step up their game in the tech department, issues like this should not keep happening. Being in beta is no longer an excuse… 😠


@taphophilia Sorry for the inconvenience, devs are working on all fronts and this part will be advanced too.
Yes you can login with email and password from .
Just sign out from your musician account and then login with email and password. After that go to forum.
Or you can try to login with Google account (authenticate with google) and then go to the forum.
One of these two(if not both) options must work 🙂

Seems it finally works. I’ll be lenient and won’t say it was about **** time. 😉 Thank you. I used the “login with google” method. As far as login with email manually, it doesn’t work, as the part involving authorization codes getting sent to my cell phone is never completed. I attempted several formats, “+1(area code)(phone number)” "+1 (area code) hyphen (first part of phone number) hyphen (second part of phone number) etc., none of which resulted in my receiving the expected codes. Usually, from experience with other platforms, the first format is the one used, but was not successful here. You might like to look into this issue as well, when the devs aren’t so busy…


Just enter email, then pass, put a check mark in the reCAPTCHA(solve it if it asks you to do it) and hit login. So you just skip phone part. ☺

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