The TREZOR hardware wallet now natively supports the $MUSIC currency

In the list of supported coins I find only musiconomi, there isn’t Musicoin

Maybe they didn’t update this list yet, but…


Heellooo @metkraming, and thanks for checking out the data! It’s satisfactory to see that the Musicoiners don’t simply “swallow” what they read 😉

You’re right, the $MUSIC doesn’t appear yet on the Trezor exhaustive coins list, and in their Medium article they also use the “MUSI” code, without the last “C” letter which identifies our currency, so I asked @Shamino the same question you’ve raised, and he answered the following:

"Its MUSI yes, this happened probably because they dumped out of the trezor source code, and there, it only allows 4 letters for the currency.

Besides, I have worked in the integration with them, its not like they pick their supported currencies out of nowhere :-D"

Thus it’s confirmed news 😛

It would be good to hear from someone here who has a Trezor with thus updated firmware and has actually saved some $MUSIC on it, including done some withdrawals, sends, etc.


Hello @ciarrocchi, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Agreed, good suggestion! We’ll invite a Trezor wallet $MUSIC user to share with us her/his experience.

I don’t see $MUSIC in the list of TREZOR supported cryptocurrencies. There’s a big list of Ethereum based tokens, and some other cryptos here:

But I only see MUSICONOMI(MCI) in the list, not MUSICOIN/$MUSIC.


So, is MUSICOIN supported or not after all? :man-shrugging:

I do see this bit of info on the firmware update, but does “MUSI” indicate MUSICOIN, or MUSICONOMI?



Heellooo @ciarrocchi! The Musiconomi token abreviature is “MCI” (according to, thus “MUSI” cannot be theirs.

I’ll send a “wanted Trezor user” message to a wider audience (through Slack), to harvest a first hand and personal experience about it 🙂

@ijatz-guatemala Yes, that would be great, to see real case usage of it (before I go out and buy one). Thanks

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