Is this true?


Is this a bug or not? If not, then it’s sad.

The Top Played song has only 20 plays for the whole day, which means if I put a song here I can earn $ 0.08 at most!?

I have problems playing songs, autoplay doesn’t work, songs are getting stuck, navigation is terrible… please pay someone to fix that.

How do you think to attract people? “Come here and earn $ 2 a month”…

2 per month is infinite more than 0 per all life

Platform is developing and in October we’ll see mobile App, after that new web app and so on

p.s. Taylor Swift without listeners is ordinary musician like millions other beginners

I remember that I had the same problems with the site a couple months ago, but then some of the Top Played songs had over 200 plays (for a day).

I hope you’re right @metkraming (I’m an optimist), but here we have thousands of musicians who naturally have thousands of listeners, the only question is where are the listeners here?

@harriettkroger my opinion that the main reason is disabled notification about new releases. I mentioned this in another topic where I got answer about new version of web app.

Hope at the moment all devs work on API and this fall show us great changes

Don’t be afraid, I’m alittle uneasy too

Best regards


Hello @harriettkroger, and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

As far as the website interface is concerned, yes, there’s a bunch of aspects to improve, and, like @metkraming mentioned, they actually are being improved 😉 For instance, in the course of October we’ll rely on a new streaming server, which will ease a lot the connection and avoid any song to skip, to be stuck, etc.

Regarding the number of plays per song, I’d say the time measure to take into account for more fidelity would be the monthly one, rather than the daily. On that basis, the same band you showcase (“Softly Jazz”) reaches more than 1,200 plays for each of those songs. Of course, it’s far from being huge figures, hehe, but let’s keep in mind too that a) we all are confident about the $MUSIC value increase within the next 1 or 2 years (and a couple thousand $MUSIC on an artist account will then be highly noticeable 😉 ); b) many listeners prefer rewarding the artists through the tipping option; to the point that in a series of cases the harvested tips are equally numerous, or more, than the total plays.

Sadly I been here for over a year now and I will say the only real issue I seen is that Musicoin just needs more listeners and musicians involved, which is normal for any platform.

I been in this music game professionally around 20 years now, so far back I was underground on myspace if that tells you anything. Thing about being an independent musician that most have to endure is not only the playing and recording skills but also to self promote. Best advice I can give anyone on this platform, don’t do it just for the coins, if you want just that then you might want to spread your recordings on here and multiple platforms. Don’t get me wrong we need to earn for our work but I always felt the option to freely distribute myself on my own terms is way better than being tied to record labels that take way more for your work out of your pockets.

Just keep spreading the word about Musicoin and hopefully this team will get the site and mobile app going for us in ways its more user friendly. I think I am gonna return to Musicoin myself, been a long time since I uploaded but lately I been dabbling in some synth work with some old guitar riffs so time to get back to the lab.

~sflaherty of KILL MOMENT IN FRAME

Stop going in the wrong direction, please. 😰

Now the Top Played song has 19 plays for the whole day. At least on Sunday, there should be more listeners.

btw this Raven is great.


@harriettkroger The fact we’re here, commenting and sharing ideas about how to promote and improve this Musecosystem, is in itself a sign we’re heading in the good direction 🙂

Let’s remember Spotify, for example, was born 12 years ago, and Musicoin slightly more than 12 months.

The best antidote to the low plays numbers is carrying on spreading the word about the platform, and listening, again and again.

“Spreading the word for streaming the world” (Musicoin, 2018 😉 ).

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