Ideas to increase buying / holding of MUSICOIN - enabling deluxe/plus features on the mobile app.

I’ve been thinking of some ways to increase the buying / holding of MUSICOIN. Both will help to increase the value of MUSICOIN on exchanges, and the result will be higher payments to artists when they decide to cash in MUSICOINs, as well as better return on investment when someone decides to buy, then sell MUSICOIN as an investment. If both of these things are accomplished, it will result in more and more people buying and holding MUSICOIN because they see that it rises in value.

I’ve already proposed in a different post the idea to add the Buy MUSIC Now button in the upcoming mobile streaming app. That will make the buying process more fluid and remove the hassles of dealing with an exchange.

Here are a some ideas to increase buying and holding of MUSICOIN. Please add any ideas you have to this post:

  • Enable a “deluxe” or “plus” features in the mobile app for a monthly or annual fee, paid with MUSICOIN. Deluxe features could be as simple as allowing unlimited skipping of songs, without the mandatory number of seconds before skipping. What other “deluxe” or “plus” features can we think of?

  • Enable the “deluxe”/“plus” features if the listener maintains a certain number of MUSICOIN in their app wallet (assuming the player will have an integrated wallet). This will encourage holding of MUSICOIN, reducing the selling pressure at the exchanges. Imagine for example if 5,000 listeners held a balance of 1000 MUSICOIN each, that would result in 5 Million MUSICOIN not being sold on the exchange, resulting in higher prices.

What are your thoughts? Any additional ideas to help improve MUSICOIN buying especially through the upcoming mobile app, would be helpful.


Yes, good idea. Is not pay, but only hold on your Musicoin profile wallet. Something like invest in Music, with Musicoins. @niuQuin what do you think? I don’t like the idea of differents deluxe or regular profile, but try to find a way to involve listeners to buy easier and hold Musicoins could be a good way.

The goal is to encourage little and long therms investissement from many differents listeners.

I like idea about skipping, 'couse (I wrote about it before) it’s annoying to wait one minute after skipping, especially when I’m looking what to listen

@musicoin-italia Yes - I like that option better too. Also, it actually encourages tipping because the listener will have a nice stash of MUSICOIN and will surely tip more when they have that amount in the wallet.

I love this idea! I was also thinking if we add our music here even before music appears in stores or other streaming services that will definitely boost the demand for musicoin as well. Also perhaps further down the line Musicoin can offer an Offline mode for subscribers. Maybe even some platforms for artists to host exclusive content: livestreaming (audio and/or video)

I’m trying to find a platform to sell things, physical album copies and merch etc, with cryptocurrencies. if we started accepting only Musicoin for some exclusives that would surely boost the value as well.

@zanderyatesmusic And buy subscribers I meant maybe for instance if you tip an artist a certain amount you can optionally save the song you tip into your app for offline play? It’s important to make this optional though because if someone has limited phone storage space it might discourage them to tip. But some people would really like this feature especially if they have a plane ride coming up or if they have a limited data plan.


I agree with you. It’s important to be able to hear music off line.

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That’s a great idea! I would like to see that strategy being implemented. What I’ve been thinking is that the musician should have a utility for the coins. Kinda like steemit, the more musicoins you have, the more influential you are in the platform, it could help increase exposure to musicians, or viceversa, pop out artists that don’t have more that “x” amount of coins, so new and undiscovered artists have more exposure than “more established” artist. The platform can implement so many good ideas and I see so much future for it.

Support me listening to my music if you want 🙂 I’ll do the same.

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