“Proof of Writing” (PoWr), a suggestion for this Forum dynamisation :-)

Fellow Musicoiners, beloved Ambassadors and Team members,

While thinking around the Forum dynamisation means, the following suggestion came to my mind:

To promote this Forum use, couldn’t we simply base ourselves on the metrics we usually first look at, on a user profile: the reputation points.

The mechanism would be this way:

  • We publicly announce that during a certain period of time (for instance 1 month) writing in the Forum will be rewarded with $MUSIC, for both the artists and listeners;
  • We invite all the Musicoiner artists to share here their presentation, their gigs calendar, collaboration proposals, etc.;
  • To avoid some Forum users abuses (posting meaningless messages with the sole purpose of harvesting reputation points, i.e. $MUSIC, haha), during that “Dynamisation month” the only users allowed to distribute reputation points will be the Forum administrators (@Zeljko-Stanojkovski , @Asterios-Papastamatakis , @vg, @niuQuin , @Ijatz-Iximulew – perhaps I’m forgetting a couple of them 😉 );
  • The earned $MUSIC would be equal, at the end of that month, to the amount of reputation points each user will have accumulated (including the points obtained before the Dynamisation month, for rewarding the users fidelity).

What do you think of that Proof of Writing formula? (btw, Proof of Writing -> PoWr -> Power -> Musicoin Power)


I dig the idea ! great wait to bring more traffic to the platform and engage with community and reward them for that too! Kudos

Could be a good way to engage really valuable content on the platform as well rather than just spam comments to profiles (which is a real bug bear of mine - cue spam responses haha).


Sounds like a really cool idea! We need to engage with artists and even more with non artist people and incentives like this are important!

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