Wallet gets worse with every build

I just downloaded the new nightly build of the 1.5 wallet
https://builder.musicoin.org/ win 64 version from 23.8.2018
The important text fields are still missing and now it doesnt even connect to the network anymore…
Whats going on? Why is this 1.5 release still not fixed… its online like 3 month? I still have to use the 1.01 version to actually being able to send funds!

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Heellooo @mjmoonbow-aka-tinman!

Thanks for reporting these inconvenients!

Tagging your message for @vg to locate it 🙂

I’m still using Wallet version 1.01 (I think - don’t see a version number anywhere) - is there good reason to move along with the latest version? Also, how do I determine the wallet version I am currently running? There is no “About” option in the menus where that information is typically displayed.

The wallet version 1.01 is the one with additional language support in chinese and russian etc. It still shows 1.0 as version number


@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman what text fields are still missing? Could you post screenshots?

If it doesn’t connect to the network, that isn’t the wallet’s bug. People have been running wallet v1.5 for months now and its syncing just fine. It does take 2 minutes for go-musicoin to boot up correctly but after that it should be fine. If this still is a bug, please post debug.log here and I can take a look at what’s going wrong.

And I don’t understand “worse with every build”. We fixed the text field bug hours after we released the wallet and then pointed people to builder to download the latest version.


@MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman Hey, I just saw that builder’s last commit is behind that of master. I’ll resolve it, thanks!

@vg i never saw that actually fixed… i just downloaded the normal release and if i use import mnenoic for a quick look… its still the ))echo text i see0_1535216817020_wallet 1.5.png
That version is finding one peer till now… i waited like 15 min on that nightly build and it didnt connect…

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The send funds fields are still missing aswell…
0_1535217823925_wallet 1.5 2.png

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