After all, lies

It was also a lie.

One billion things that issac mao said are lies …

About three months ago, issac mao told us that by 2020 there are not more than a billion.

But it has already exceeded one billion.

At that time, the average price was 150 Satoshi

Now 60 satoshi

This breaks trust in Musicoin.

It is turning into a meaningless coin.


Hello @hojin-jung ! Everything’s Musicoining? 🙂

There are more factors and projects we’re currently working on in the Team, and which will raise the $MUSIC demand (and value) than fingers on my hands 😉

Sounds like somebody used their credit cards to “invest” in MUSICOIN and is feeling the pain. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. I’m in MUSICOIN long term. It’s going to take 2-3 years to build this right, but those who kept their MUSIC will be glad they did.


@dave-postington I couldn’t agree more. Financial education is critical.


mind shield !!!

But look at the fact …

I thought he was clean.

So I started mining and investing from the beginning.

Everything is becoming a lie.

  1. There is no alternative.

  2. No innovation.

  3. You do not seem to have the ability to lead the platform.

  4. often lie and incite

  5. do not notice

It’s common for poor projects around.

The future will probably be dark


@hojin-jung The best way for you to witness that there IS a lot of innovation in preparation is to take part in the Musicoin Slack channel 😄 What’s your username on Slack?

@hojin-jung Well, if you haven’t already sold all of your MUSICOIN holdings, perhaps you can offer some constructive ideas to the Musicoin team. I don’t know what your expected timeline was to make a big profit on this was, but you should realize that the entire crypto market is in a depression. I suspect that the Musicoin team listens to good ideas, since they are even more invested in the project than you or I, and will benefit more by seeing it succeed. If none of that sounds interesting to you, then I suggest you dump what you have and move on, so your immediate future won’t be so dark and depressing. It doesn’t sound like you can ride out the storm. Good luck.


@dave-postington i think longterm holding and patience is the winner… anyone that plays smart now he should have bought bitcoins in 2009 to be rich and play smart now…

@dave-postington grandgrandgrand
Loss of investment is not angry because of that.
The representative’s statement is false and there is no explanation.
It is not notified.
Even if you become a representative of trust, it’s hard to succeed.
MusiCoin is too big for CEO’s risk.
It is changing like a scam coin.

Im excited to see the growth of musicoin in the coming years, its only gonna sky rocket

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