Any plans to make buying $MUSIC through the upcoming mobile player easy?

With the upcoming mobile streaming app, is there any plan to make it easy to buy $MUSIC directly through the app, so if a listener wants to tip the artist, they don’t have to go separately to an exchange and all of that process (buy BTC, then trade for $MUSIC, then send it to the wallet/mobile app)? 99% of listeners will not be interested in mining or going through the exchange registration hassles in my opinion. Music Org would have to become a middle-man entity that is doing lots of transfer to/from exchange in order to make it seamless and easy. Looking at the MUSIC web app now, there is no easy way to top up your $MUSIC, unless I’m missing something.

By easy, I imagine a “Buy $MUSIC” button which pops up options such as “Paypal”, “Credit Card”, or “Transfer from Wallet”

In that way users could be buy coins from developer’s pool where 14 coins go from every block

Yes, and then the developers/team could replenish the stash with purchasing on the exchange, perhaps on a daily or weekly basis, so in effect, it removes that task for the causal user/listener, while transferring that buying demand directly to the exchange.


Hello @dave-postington! Thanks a lot for this suggestion 🙂 We’ve shared it with the devs and the design team, in case they wouldn’t have integrated till now such a functionality.

Btw, are you the David who proposed the same App option on the Musicoin subreddit? 😉

@ijatz-guatemala Yes - that is me on Reddit - (davidjerome). Thanks for sending my idea to the devs and design team. 🙂

@dave-postington golden idea

Hello music lovers, ✋

Relative to musicoin mobile app, and the “Buy $Music” option…

Was thinking philosophy of Musicoin was all free. The UBI will pay the artists.
It is not?

As a listener (not an artist profile), can you actually tips artists, and who pay, the listener or UBI for the listener? Can you clarify this point, please?
Now, and future. Thank you. ☺

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Listening is free - unlimited plays of any artist music, with some rules regarding skipping frequency, etc to prevent cheating. Tipping is requires the listener to spend musicoins, which they do have to purchase. Of course there will be other features in the future that will require the expenditure of musicoin. The thing is, if we don’t monetize some features, there might not be enough buy pressure at the exchanges (other than purely investing in the coin) and so the artists will have no value on their coins. The more good ideas we come up with that will result in listeners buying MUSIC, the higher the buying pressure will become, and the result will MUSIC price going up, and artists getting value in their MUSIC when they decide to sell it.


Yes, this is a good idea. It has to get easier to buy the coin, but we have to remember that the platform is in its infancy and all good things will come if we all work together to make it happening.

Hello Music Lovers, ✋

Ok, get it @davepostington
Thank you for the reply.

Good! ☺

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