3149657BLOCK=988,992,298 MUSIC

“ISSAC MAO” talked about 1 billion by 2020

10 million remaining

2mc?, 3mc?

Roadmap not properly built from scratch


Hello @hojin-jung, glad to see you take part in this debate! 🙂

Do you carry on mining? A $MUSIC miner told me some days ago he currently “harvests” 3000 coins a day!!!

I also saw in a bitcointalk post that the Musicoin “Ice Age” will begin around block 4 million. What do you think about it?

@hojin-jung Just reading between the lines here, but like @Isaac-Mao said, those are quick answers. By a simple multiplication we should be at a billion by now, but that’s not how any blockchain works, and Musicoin has it’s own quirks. If you look at the “current circulating supply” it sits at ~776 million right now. I think that’s a better estimate of where we’re at in terms of what people are referring to in the roadmap etc.

@jinxrlm information on coinmarketcap during many month stay fixed. If you know how to multiply digits, take current block and multiply it on 314

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