Musicoin Desktop Wallet 1.5 missing some IMPORTANT fields names!

Hello There,

I have a question about the Musicoin Desktop Wallet 1.5.
Please, someone knowing the names of the fields here, please: (the 1.5 have a bug there) ☺

0_1534462865043_APC - 2018.08.17 01.38 - 001.3d.jpg

It’s the “Send Funds” one.
Better to fill it in a good way… 😎

Thanks so much for your help.
Best regards,
Solar Phasing

Ps: in fact, you have missing fields manes in a lot of place in this build 1.5.

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Hello @solar-phasing, and nice to Musicoin you! (“Enchanté de faire ta Musicoinnaissance”, car il semble que tu es francophone 😜 ).

The 4 fields are, by order:

  • The sending address (yours);
  • The receiving address;
  • The coin amount;
  • And your password.

Always make a couple trials, sending 1 or 2 $MUSIC only, to avoid loosing much in case of any error.

By the way, what’s the date of your 1.5 Wallet version? The last fix took place some days ago, on August 11th, and you can download it here:

Hoping this answer was of some help for you, and thanks for Musicoining the future! 😄

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Hello @Ijatz-Guatemala

Thank you for the warm welcome! Nice to #musicoin you. 😎

Great quick help!!! Thank you very much. ☺

My version is from july 2018, I l will update today with the new one. Good!

Best regards,
Solar Phasing


Hey Solar, we fixed this bug in our latest release at, could you please download it from there? Thanks!

Great! Thank you! @vg-0 @Ijatz-Guatemala

Best regards,
Solar Phasing

Just updated @vg-0 @Ijatz-Guatemala

& Stil the same bug…
If you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Best regards,
Solar Phasing


Heellooo again @solar-phasing! 🙂

The bug is that the field names don’t appear, do they? Have you tried sending 1 $MUSIC, on the basis of the hereabove mentionned fields identification? (1.The sending address (yours); 2. The receiving address; 3. The coin amount; 4. your password).

If it does work, we’ll have to correct the names bug, but at least it wouldn’t prevent you from moving your coins 😛

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Hello music lovers, ✋

Yes, It was the same “fields missing” bug. @vg-0 @Ijatz-Guatemala

I seen on builder link the Wallet seems to be updated this day.
I will try this one.

Thanks for all the support! ☺

✌ Musicoin

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Thats what i meant it wasnt fixed… not on the dowloads at least!! @vg

Hello again, ✋

Downloaded from here:

The bug is fixed! @vg-0 @Ijatz-Guatemala
Thank you very much!
Great. ☺

0_1535228132227_APC - 2018.08.25 22.12 - 002.3d.jpg

Try this version: (Updated today).

All the best!
🖖 Musicoin
Solar Phasing

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