Adaptive Pay-Per-Play Payment Rate

Hello everyone 🙂

We are considering to make adaptive Pay-Per-Play payment to be around 0.01 USD per stream as the price of coin is bellow that price level for some time and we still wanna pay most competitive industry rates.

It would mean that instead of paying 1MC, 2MC or 3MC would be issued for every stream.
And with the price going up PPP will be decreased.

But before doing that we wanna hear your opinion, so let’s have a discussion and see what community think about this Idea. 🙂

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i think its a very good idea supporting the fact that this way every play is payed more that it does in competitive platforms , i think more people will turn or trust more musicoin and UBI…

good idea
but people wait for acceleration of developing features that you promised on roadmap, this will push price better


It makes total sense to make such a move. Completely agree.


@zeljko-stanojkovski This is a fantastic idea! It will keep us as the promised and trusted highest paid music streaming platform. Amazing move. If possible, either 1 or 2 cents per stream as an incentive forbartists to sign up with us. As the new website, app ect are released we can adjust the number of Musicoin back. I have faith the updates to the platform will definately help rally Musicoin’s value. A good front end investment for long term gain ☺🔥💪🎼


Yess! I think this is a perfect idea, since right now the plays are worth less than on Spotify and others and one of the purposes of Musicoin was to defeat those corps and really benefit the artists! In this hard times where the value is low, implementing this system would be awesome!


Hello @zeljko-stanojkovski, and all other fellow Musicoiners!

This proposal seems to be a “light-bearer” one, as other Musicoin team members have stressed, and I’d be happy to see it implemented. It reminds us that one of Musicoin’s strenghts is our communitary empowerment through forging a monetary policy!

At the same time, adopting such a decision requires to base it on a shared “trusted picture” of the current monetary situation (i.e. our currency production).

I remember our miners “forge” more or less 1,500,000 $MUSIC available per day, for us to distribute among the Musicoin artists. A question that may come to mind is: multiplying by 3 the $MUSIC amount we send every time we play a tune, combined with the (fortunately 😉 ) growing number of listeners on our platform will it not drive us beyond the currently available daily $MUSIC pool? Or the previously mined $MUSIC amounts since the launch of the UBI that have not been distributed (because there simply hasn’t been enough Musicoiners to “use” all that crypto till now 🙂 ) have they been somehow stored in a “common chest” to be used in a case like this 3MC per play proposal?

It’s probable I’m missing some element of the complete picture in our monetary cycle, and this coming change offers a good opportunity to rectify my eventual misconception 🙂

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I agree too. It’s important to assume that Music have the same value, always. Money rate can change, but arts value must be independent from financial issues.
Let’s do it

Hi there,

Total Agree! ☺
And good for future of musicoin grow. The most important thing.

Best regards,
Solar Phasing


@Ijatz-Guatemala Don’t worry it will not exceed daily supply, and yes, it’s stored in the “streaming pool”. ☺

This is a great initiative - and an amendment that will embolden Musicoins position in the future. However i think the Adaptive PPP rate should be set what was originally mentioned in the Musicoin Whitepapers.![alt text]0_1534531109625_Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 9.37.32 PM.png

It’s certainly something that would be welcome.

As some have mentioned, the amount musicians get right now is even less than Spotify and that’s going against the dreams and ambitions of the original mantras of the platform isn’t it?

I also agree with LazzyLung as you have already mentioned the stream amount in the white paper so it would be great for you to keep to that.

When you do go ahead with this change, get your marketing team to do a big song and dance about it, you have to make a big point of this in my view!


@LazzyLung That was the price at the time of writing whitepaper, but the other important part of the equation is in the text you shared. ☺

This is fine to do, assuming this means we are only adding another pay per play range adjustment, for the case where the value of MUSICOIN is under .01 (which has been the case for a while now). The original adaptive pay per play adjusting rate formula only accounts for MUSICOIN value $.01 and higher, correct? It makes sense that there would be a formula adjustment for the case of .01 and lower (perhaps $.001 to $.009?). Lets hope the value of MUSICOIN does not go below that!!! 🙂


The original adaptive PPP adjusting rate formula actually was not switched to be active before, but would work in both modes(increase/decrease) ☺

@zeljko-stanojkovski Yes, I noticed this at the moment when price was at 10 cents

Makes sense to me, way to keep the competitive advantage over others.

Why was the original adjusting rate formula not activated? So it has to be manually switched if the value of MUSIC goes much higher or lower for a while? It would seem that the automatic method is better if the goal is to automatically keep the competitive advantage over the big boys, tied to a desired artist payment amount per stream, and not worry about fluctuation in MUSIC price.

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