RESOLVED: Musicoin Wallet 1.5 Windows 64 bit stuck sync at 99.99% ...


I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I downloaded the version 1.5 of the 64bit wallet, ran it, created a new wallet, backed it up, and waited for it to sync. My windows account is a local admin account so there shouldn’t be a permission issue. The sync always gets stuck at 99.99%

While waiting for the sync I went to Cyptopia and acquired 1000 musicoin and sent it to my newly created address from the above process.

After almost 12 hours of it being stuck at 99% sync I did the following below:

I tried renaming the musicoin folder in appdata then running gmc-windows-4.0-amd64.exe to get the sync to work. The first time I used gmc, the sync completed to 100% but when I opened my saved wallet it said 0 coins.

I then repeated the process or renaming the appdata folder and installing the 32bit version of the wallet (1.5) and the same issue persists.

I went back to Cryptopia and checked the TransactionID against the Musicoin Block Explorer and it is showing the transaction completed and the destination address is the same as my wallet.

I am getting concerned as I cannot see how to fix this and retrieve my coins.

–UPDATE— issue resolved:

Turns out that my local time was off by a tiny fraction. Following the procedure below:

it properly updated my time and the sync completed now showing my balance. Who would have though that a fraction of a millisecond computer time being off could cause major sync issues.

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Thanks a lot. This kind of issue are important to resolve.


Thank you very much for updating the post and posting the solution. This makes this community work! I will search and tip your musicoin profile just because of that 😀.


I’d do the same, @soundphaser, hehe, but @gettingrich, what’s your Musicoin main website username? 😄

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