1st IG Weekly Livestream on Musicoinofficial 8/16 - 3:45pm EST & 10pm EST

Hello Musicoin Team,

In part of our efforts to help our viewership for the Musicoin TV channel and audience reach grow, PUP will be livestreaming weekly on IG to help promote (using the helpful data thank you to Pascal 🙂 ) MC Plays, Musicoin & the channel overall. Check out our new awesome banner for Musicoin TV thanks to Brendan 🙂


PUP will be livestream 2x Thurs 8/16 @3:45pm EST (12:45pm PST, 8:45pm GMT) with DJ CW & @10pm EST (7pm PST, 3am GMT).

Please be sure to tune in if you can, ask questions & share with others. Our goal is to better connect with the people and draw attention to the channel and platform.

Hope to see you there!




Fantastic, @PUP, @elena-mendez, @Pascal-Guyon and @Cxxxv , you’re pure gold 🙂

Do you envision weaving live streaming with extracts from the Sunday MC Plays recorded interviews (its “best moments”)?

Good job! Love the banner!


@ijatz-guatemala Yes this is an option we plan to use. Having technical difficulties with the log-in. Trying to resolve. Pls stand by. We hope to resolve this in time for tonight’s scheduled livestreams. Wish is luck 🙂


@ijatz-guatemala We are also making edited 1 minute highlight clips for IG to capture all of our great MC Plays moments too 🙂

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