Listening to "ShitCoins": TallyHood, hip hop artist and Steemian, comes back to Musicoin after one year :-)

Fellow Musicoiners, David Viquez (aka TallyHood), who posted a first song on our platform one year ago and - to quote him - “almost forgot he had an account there” ;-), published some days ago on his Steemit blog his impressions after he recently returned and uploaded a song called … “ShitCoins” (song title which, when we read the globally very positive article, obviously doesn’t point to the $MUSIC, haha).

The Steemit post is available here:

(we still have 2 days left to upvote it 😉 )

And here is his newly uploaded song:

Would be cool to show him some support, and welcoming him again (or for the first time, haha).

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